The Puzzle that Ruined Christmas

The Puzzle that Ruined Christmas – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 30 pieces

Luckily, the name of the puzzle was scarier than the actual assembly, this one was great fun, and the colors are absolutely beautiful!

Like The Puzzle that Froze Christmas, this was made into a larger puzzle as well – 245 pieces. I believe in that piece count it would have been much more of a challenge, but so lovely when complete. And what an accomplishment! Wentworth puzzles are so wonderfully made and such fun to put together. I’ve got four 250 piece Wentworths yet to assemble, but I’m trying to make them last; I thought about starting one of them yesterday, but decided to wait a bit longer before I grab another one to do. 😇

It wasn’t that difficult to put together, but the shapes were so interesting and fun to work with, Christmas trees everywhere!


These micro puzzles are perfect to throw into my purse and take with me when there’s a doctor’s appointment or a hospital visit. When there is waiting to do these puzzles are perfect to pass the time, and can easily be broken up and put back into their box to take home.

I love pretty much all jigsaw puzzles, but these small ones especially make me very happy! 😎

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