Country Boy

Country Boy by June Dudley – Sunsout – 550 pieces

This cute little guy was a bit of a challenge, but I really enjoyed it! The artwork and brush strokes, along with the super random cut of the pieces made for a more difficult assembly than I bargained for; but it was quite fun to put together.

Sunsout puzzles are good quality, although I find that the fit can be hit or miss in my opinion. I’ve had some of their puzzles with an extremely tight fit (like Springbok), and some with a good fit that doesn’t require a workout. Fortunately the fit here was wonderfully average – not too loose and not too tight. The pieces are a good thickness, with an excellent variety of shapes; and the image reproduction is very nice too.


You can see in all the images that the cut is definitely very random – it kept me on my toes! When you can’t rely on the grid cut to help you identify what shape you’re looking for, you have to pay closer attention to the shades of color, patterns, and shapes. I find that my brain has to work a little differently when assembling a random cut puzzle, and it takes me a few minutes to make the switch. It keeps the grey cells limber. 😉

There’s something about this image that I find absolutely adorable; perhaps it’s that you don’t actually see the little guy’s face – just his cowboy hat. I’m not certain. Whatever it is, I like the artwork and had a great time putting it together.

That’s all I really need in a puzzle; an image that’s pleasing and good enough quality that the assembly is entertaining. Check on both counts!

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