Penguin Pandemonium

Penguin Pandemonium – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 41 pieces

This is the most challenging of the Wentworth micro puzzles that I’ve assembled so far. At only 41 pieces you wouldn’t think it would be that difficult, but I actually put it away the first time I attempted it because I just couldn’t get my brain to work right and none of the pieces wanted to fit together properly.

I adore these micro puzzles, and am so glad that I bought a BUNCH of them last year. They’re perfect when I want to puzzle but just can’t get out of bed or even sit all the way up. I can dump out the pieces on a cookie sheet lined with paper and puzzle lying down. I’ve got 16 of them left that I haven’t assembled yet, and will be doing 8 of them next month for Christmas in July. There are a few “extra difficult” holiday puzzles included in those 8 with an extra difficult cut – repetitive pieces and no whimsies. I’m looking forward to them!

The mostly black and white image made it difficult, as did the cut; you can see the shapes of the pieces below…


Luckily my brain cells were firing properly (for the most part) on my second attempt at this puzzle and I was able to get it done. The perspective helped; with the larger penguins at the bottom of the puzzle at the smaller groups at the top. It was an enjoyable challenge to complete this image and I was pretty proud when I heard that last piece plunk into place. Success!

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