The Ultimate Puzzle


The Ultimate Puzzle – YMIR – 16 pieces – This is the easiest solution

This is very interesting puzzle – it’s both a jigsaw and a logic puzzle. Mom purchased it at a thrift store, and we both found it very intriguing. The box says it suits all ages from 4 to 104, and it also says there are 250,000 incorrect solutions!

The Ultimate Puzzle contains 16 heavy plastic pieces that have both a smooth and a rough side; the box says they’re virtually unbreakable. This sort of puzzle is great for all ages and is great for teaching combinations, symbol recognition, manipulative skills, probabilities and critical thinking. It would be an excellent teaching tool for a classroom.

There are 16 unique pieces and the challenge is to build squares. The easiest puzzle to assemble is a square of just 4 pieces (my solution is shown above); the next level is a square 3 x 3 using 9 pieces. This is a little more difficult and took me a little more time and thought.

Mid-level solution

Next is to try to make a 4 x 4 square using all 16 pieces using both smooth and rough sides facing up. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to finish that one yet. I’m blaming the new pain medication that’s been added to my regimen. I tried for a while, but gave up when I started feeling stupid. I’ll solve it eventually, I’m determined to figure out both this and the ultimate challenge – and I’m pretty darned stubborn.

All 16 pieces

The ultimate challenge for this Ultimate Puzzle is to complete a 4 x 4 square all smooth or rough surfaces facing up. I’m sure I’ll get there someday, perhaps when I don’t have to be on pain meds daily and can think clearly. Until then, it’ll be pretty darned fun to try!

10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Puzzle

  1. Wow! This is a really neat puzzle. I would lose my mind trying to get each one done though I think. LOL

    How are you feeling? If you’re on a new pain med I’m guessing you must not be feeling great. Is it your back or neck that causes you so much pain? Have they tried the surgery route to see if that would make a big difference for you? I feel bad knowing your in so much pain. It’s got to be miserable, but I applaud you for having such a great attitude about everything. 🙂



    1. It is a pretty neat puzzle, I struggled with the 3×3 for quite a few minutes, but it was an interesting challenge.

      Not feeling great, new med and another procedure this week that had me spending about 8 hours in the car to and from. I already had surgery for it several years ago, all they’re trying to do now is manage the pain.

      Even when my attitude sucks I try to keep that off the blog and at least sound as if I have a positive attitude – both for myself and for the reader. 🙂


  2. Sam Sattler

    Let’s just say you have more patience than me. I like a challenge sometimes, but I want to have a fighting chances, and I’m not sure I would with that little guy.

    Wow…eight hours in the car in one day would MAKE my back hurt if it already didn’t. That’s tough…hang in there, we’re pulling for a complete recovery.


  3. Mark Palmer

    I have this puzzle! Having just rediscovered it in the loft! the box contains a small square sheet coupon offering 3 months membership to Puzzle Planet (expired Dec 2007!) On the reverse is a solution for the 4 x 4

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  4. Anonymous

    Hi I am the original inventor of this puzzle. And just did a random search to see what people are saying about it. Thank you for your support. The answer to your first question is no. I’m not rich. I donate every penny from this to armed forces charities. As I am an ex military engineer.

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  5. Reijo Siirtola

    I got that puzzle as a present about some three years ago. I have tried to solve it numerous times, but never succeeded. I have worked my whole life in bank- and IT-sectors in very challenging positions, so I thought that I have all the capacity to need to solve it. But I had not. Some times ago I showed the puzzle to my dear friend and his boy. The boy is at age of 6 years. My friend was not interested, but the boy was. After about two hours he came back and asked, is this ok. Actually, it was with 3 pieces being upside. This week, when they visited us again, the boy asked to have the puzzle. It took some two hours and he came back with solution of only 2 pieces being upside. Both solutions were unique, we took photos of both of them. So my questions to you based on your experience and your feedback, i) how rare is it for a child of this age to solve this puzzle repeatedly within that time-frame and ii) what special properties does this child to have to do this. I’m asking this only as a back-up information to start to discuss with the parents of what I have noticed. With regards, Reijo Siirtola.

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    1. Some children are just excellent at pattern recognition and problem solving – I really don’t have much expertise to be able to give you answers to your questions. But I would let the parents know that they should challenge him with puzzles or math or whatever he shows an interest in.


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