Empire State Building

Empire State Building
Empire State Building – CubicFun – 16 pieces

After building the very large pirate ship, this little 16 piece puzzle was a breeze! What a nice gift (it came in the box with the Queen Anne’s Revenge); it only took me about 10 minutes or so to put it together.

This 3D puzzle was fun, but even as small as it was you had to pay attention. I had to take apart a few pieces because I didn’t look as closely at the instructions as I should have. Perhaps overconfidence had set in because I had finished the very large pirate ship and was feeling pretty darn proud of myself.

I enjoyed putting it together, and although I still prefer a standard jigsaw puzzle, it’s pretty entertaining to take a break from the norm and mix it up with something new. Have you tried a 3D puzzle?

The Ultimate Puzzle


The Ultimate Puzzle – YMIR – 16 pieces – This is the easiest solution

This is very interesting puzzle – it’s both a jigsaw and a logic puzzle. Mom purchased it at a thrift store, and we both found it very intriguing. The box says it suits all ages from 4 to 104, and it also says there are 250,000 incorrect solutions!

The Ultimate Puzzle contains 16 heavy plastic pieces that have both a smooth and a rough side; the box says they’re virtually unbreakable. This sort of puzzle is great for all ages and is great for teaching combinations, symbol recognition, manipulative skills, probabilities and critical thinking. It would be an excellent teaching tool for a classroom.

There are 16 unique pieces and the challenge is to build squares. The easiest puzzle to assemble is a square of just 4 pieces (my solution is shown above); the next level is a square 3 x 3 using 9 pieces. This is a little more difficult and took me a little more time and thought.

Mid-level solution

Next is to try to make a 4 x 4 square using all 16 pieces using both smooth and rough sides facing up. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to finish that one yet. I’m blaming the new pain medication that’s been added to my regimen. I tried for a while, but gave up when I started feeling stupid. I’ll solve it eventually, I’m determined to figure out both this and the ultimate challenge – and I’m pretty darned stubborn.

All 16 pieces

The ultimate challenge for this Ultimate Puzzle is to complete a 4 x 4 square all smooth or rough surfaces facing up. I’m sure I’ll get there someday, perhaps when I don’t have to be on pain meds daily and can think clearly. Until then, it’ll be pretty darned fun to try!