Yosemite Fall

Yosemite Fall by Alexander Chen – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 40 pieces

Another hospital puzzle, but at least the whimsies in this one made sense. It’s a beautiful image that was a bit more challenging than Fuyune, but luckily my daughter helped me with this one too. I love working puzzles with her. ❤

I liked the whimsy pieces in this puzzle, they went along perfectly with the picture; a squirrel, a butterfly, a rabbit, a bird, and a tree. The assembly took a little more time than what seems to be the average for these micro puzzles, but I had plenty of time for concentrating and puzzle assembly.

This image isn’t one I would normally buy, but because there were only 40 pieces there was absolutely no hesitation when purchasing it. In fact, of all the micro puzzles available at the time there was only one that I didn’t buy – an image of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip; I’m not much of an anglophile, and it didn’t interest me at all. There are several puzzles that I did buy that I would never purchase new in a large piece count. There’s something about such a small amount of pieces that it gives me confidence; I can absolutely do that one, it’s only 40 pieces! 🙂


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