Fuyune by Haruyo Morita – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 40 pieces

I should have pushed the pieces together to take a better picture. Still, even with the less than perfect picture this puzzle is beautiful with a stunning image by Haruyo Morita – so pretty!

My daughter helped me assemble this puzzle, it seemed to be a popular pastime when visiting me. I’m a little cranky and not fun to be around when I don’t feel well so perhaps it was easier to deal with me when I was working on a puzzle? 👼

I can’t figure out why the whimsies in this puzzle are holiday themed, it doesn’t seem to lend itself to the image. It was still a fun assembly, but the incongruency of the whimsy pieces took me out of picture a bit. All in all it was a beautiful puzzle that was fun to put together, I’m really glad I have so many small puzzles that can be done almost anywhere; they’re the best!

4 thoughts on “Fuyune

  1. Anonymous Person

    Stunning image — but agreed, definitely VERY unusually themed whimsies for this puzzle! Have you considered sending the Wentworth peeps a polite note to inquire as why such unusually themed whimsies were chosen for this puzzle? You’ve bought a bazillion puzzles from them so I’m sure they would reply back 🙂


      1. Anonymous Person

        If you do write them and receive a reply, LMK as I’d love to know the reasoning behind the Xmas themed whimsies rather than Asian or geisha inspired ones. I just popped over to the puzzle’s page and the puzzle does have (lovely) geisha whimsies for the “W” size — although I’m not sure how the snowflake whimsy fits in with the theme.



      2. Update: Wentworth replied and told me the reason for the holiday whimsies in this puzzle is because it was part of their 2016 Christmas release. Makes sense, I guess. No matter what the whimsies are, it’s still a beautiful puzzle!


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