Mother and Daughter (1)

Mother and Daughter (1) by F. Sands Bruner – Falcon de luxe – 500 pieces

This puzzle reminds me of my mother, which is why I bought it. This is the first of two 500 piece puzzles in the same box. The second puzzle is the same mother and daughter, a bit older, and mom is teaching her daughter how to knit. Both images are beautiful, the mother reminds me of my mom. ❤

This was my first Falcon puzzle and I was impressed. The pieces are thick and sturdy and fit together well, although there was a tendency for the image to lift sometimes when removing a piece placed incorrectly. The image reproduction is very good, with a matte finish to avoid glare. The majority of the pieces were ballerinas, but there were a few other shapes as well. Excellent quality all around, but I wouldn’t mind a better variety of piece shapes.

The vintage nature of the image makes the pieces themselves seem fuzzy and indistinct, but once you’ve got it assembled it’s clear as a bell, and quite lovely. It makes the assembly more challenging for me, but I really love the image and didn’t mind having to work a little harder to assemble it. I’m getting ready to assemble the second image. I have hopes that it might be a little easier, but I’m probably wrong. Doesn’t matter, I’m sure I’ll enjoy that challenge too! 😉

2 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter (1)

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