Happy New Year! Educa’s 42,000 piece puzzle now for sale in Europe


I’m not sure the exact date it went on sale, but I’ve just now found it across the pond at Amazon.co.uk and Ebay.co.uk (Reference # 17570).  I’m sure it’s on sale on other sites, but these are the only 2 I’ve found for the moment. The price is around £319 to £329 ($431 – $445) I don’t know when it will be on sale for those of us in the US, but it will be at some point.

I haven’t made a decision about this puzzle yet, it looks like fun but the last Educa puzzle I assembled was quite a challenge to work with; there wasn’t a whole lot of variety of piece shapes and pieces seemed to fit where they did not go. Yikes. I like the image very much, but I’m not bouncing up and down with excitement waiting for the chance to purchase it (which I guess is the answer to whether or not I’ll be buying it 😐 )

I am usually about 2 weeks ahead of the blog posts, which means at this moment there are 13 puzzles completed last year that I have yet to post. I like having a little cushion in case I encounter a difficult puzzle that takes several days or in case I’m not feeling well and cannot spend much time puzzling. It also helps that mom still buys kids puzzles from the thrift stores and I assemble them to make sure they’re complete before we donate them, I can do a BUNCH of kids puzzles in a day! (That always helps make sure I’ve always got a few puzzle posts ready to go 🙂 )

I’ve decided this year to keep a running total of the number of puzzles completed and pieces assembled, so I’ve added that information on the sidebar of my blog above the search bar ————> (If you’re viewing this on your phone or tablet it may be at the bottom of the page). I will try to make the piece count as accurate as I can; if there are pieces missing from a puzzle I will only total the number assembled. Piece counts aren’t always what they say on the box, so I will do my best to give a true accounting of assembled pieces. With grid cut puzzles it will be easy to get an accurate number, for randomly cut puzzles I will have to go with the piece count displayed on the box. I’m looking forward to seeing how quickly the pieces add up, and to seeing how many puzzles I complete in the year ahead!

🎇✨🎇 Happy New Year everyone! 🎇✨🎇

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Educa’s 42,000 piece puzzle now for sale in Europe

  1. kazzatheblankone

    I would *love* to do this one. I did the Educa 24000 piece “Life” jigsaw and loved it. It had the six different shaped pieces not just ballerinas (I wouldn’t have bought it if it were just ballerinas). I’m 3/10ths the way through the Disney Behemoth that you did. I might do this one next 😉


      1. I enjoyed Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.. didn’t like Cinderella so much. I do cheat and do difficult sections right atop the opposite side, and the twinklies pieces at the top/bottom all get paired up so I only have to look for a piece once 😉


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