Come To Switzerland By Plane

Come to Switzerland By Plane by Michael Crampton – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

I had high hopes for this puzzle. Mom thought it would be as difficult as Chat Noir with all the sameness in color in the top portion. I didn’t think it would be that bad as the sky was 2 different colors, blah blah blah. Long story short, she was partly right. The top portion was quite difficult and tedious. I should have listened to her. Sorry mom.

Eurographics puzzles are usually random cut, and this one is a grid cut. I thought that would make the assembly of the sky easier. Nope. There’s something about the way this puzzle was cut, the pieces didn’t seem to fit together well. In my opinion it made it more difficult to complete the sky, not easier. In addition there are several pieces near the top that have the image scratched off, they look like white specks of color. I’ve never come across this problem with Eurographics before, but it was disappointing. This puzzle was a thrift store purchase, but it was unopened. The outer plastic wrapping was still intact, so it wasn’t an issue with it having been done before.

All in all, I love the image but it didn’t make for the most enjoyable puzzling; and the quality issues didn’t help matters. You’d think we would learn by now, even if we love the image that doesn’t mean it’s the best for puzzling. Even just a few more clouds in the sky would have helped immensely.

Still, I definitely got our 99 cents worth out of this puzzle, it had me working for almost 4 days! Hopefully I’ll listen to my mother next time. (You know, I won’t because I’m super stubborn and opinionated, but I’ll try – that’s the best I can do 😁)


2 thoughts on “Come To Switzerland By Plane

  1. Mom

    That’s OK, baby girl. Your mother doesn’t listen to you as often as she should either. But I am trying to leave questionable puzzles on the shelves and only choose ones we know we will enjoy!


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