Train Station, Eden Central

Train Station, Eden Central by Thelma Winter – Milton Bradley – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was excellent! The image is perfect for puzzling, the quality was amazing and it even came with a couple of extras – a resealable bag for the pieces and a box easel to set the lid on so you can easily see the picture. I don’t normally get all worked up over extras in the box, but I have to say the easel is the best quality one I have ever seen. It’s made from much thicker cardboard than the ones you get from other companies. Unfortunately for mom it lives at my house now. 😊

It went together pretty quickly, it was easy to pull out all the pieces for a section and assemble them without having to look at the box top for guidance – roof, building, train, etc. I enjoyed it immensely, although there was quite a bit of sky and that took more concentration. If nothing else, at least my brain cells are getting exercise.

This was one of those puzzles that was easy and fun and goes together well without too much checking the box top. Now and then it’s nice to puzzle a lovely, calm scene in the middle of our sometimes hectic lives.

The quality of this Milton Bradley puzzle was great, I’d love to find more of them. The pieces are thick with a nice variety of shapes and they fit together well. They feel almost soft, with a matte finish to prevent glare. They have a whole line of these puzzles with amazing artwork by Dominic Davison, Joseph Burgess, Royce B. McClure, Thelma Winter, and Bob Fair – 3 puzzles from each artist! The quality was exceptional, and the images are lovely; thumbs up to this line of puzzles. 👍


3 thoughts on “Train Station, Eden Central

  1. i like mb puzzles too!
    they have a variety of wonderful pictures on different topics: animals, people, landscapes.
    they produced some provokative puzzles (i mean, with sexy young girls on the beach and all that stuff)
    they produced a lot of pictures with common people in their daily life. and these pictures were great)


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