Old Woodland

Old Woodland by Dominic Davison – E&L Corp. – 250 pieces

An interesting and beautiful image by Dominic Davison, and another new company I’ve tried out – E&L Corp. Unfortunately the quality was lacking.

I enjoy the artwork of Dominic Davison, this image is beautiful and calm and I love that it has a frame as part of the picture. I’ve chosen several of his puzzles without knowing he was the artist; his artwork makes for a great puzzle. If only the puzzle quality itself was as nice as the image. 😐

The pieces were extremely thin and easily bent, and there were a lot of pieces with image lift as well. On the positive side, there were a good variety of piece shapes and nice image reproduction. I’ve only done one puzzle, so I don’t want to say that this is representative of the quality of all their puzzles. This one wasn’t great, and hopefully when I find and work a few more of them I’ll be able to get an overview of their quality in general.

Lovely image though, and a nice quick puzzle at 250 pieces. 🙂

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