The Best Days of our Lives!

The Best Days of our Lives! by Graham Thompson – Jumbo (Wasgij Destiny #1) – 1000 pieces

The very first Wasgij Destiny! This one was much more difficult for me, perhaps because I wasn’t feeling well, or just because it was more difficult. Who can tell? As usual, I don’t show the entire image because I don’t want to spoil the fun of figuring it out!

With this puzzle the box shows children at school in the cafeteria and you have to puzzle them at their class reunion many years later. Will the lovebirds still be in love? Will the best friends still be friends? How will the teachers have changed? As usual Graham Thompson’s image is fun and funny and excellent for puzzling!

It took me 3 days to finish this puzzle, partly because it was a little more challenging than usual, and partly because there were many things going on with family obligations. Still, when I could I worked on it and it was a pleasure. As usual the quality was excellent and makes for a great tactile experience. Every time I complete a Jumbo puzzle I want to immediately do another; the way the pieces feel and fit together makes for a wonderful assembly in every way.

If you haven’t tried a Wasgij or any other Jumbo puzzle I highly recommend it. They have a great selection of puzzles to choose from –  photography, landscapes, collages, fine art, and some of the best cartoon puzzles around. There’s something for everyone!

The Wasgij Express!

The Wasgij Express! by Graham Thompson – Jumbo (Retro Edition) – 1000 pieces

So I finished my first Wasgij Mystery – huge surprise coming up ………………. loved it!!! As is normal for me I refuse to spoil the fun for anyone so I’m only showing a small bit of the puzzle so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself.

Recently I received an email from the site where I purchase most of my European made puzzles telling me that for the 20th anniversary of Wasgij Jumbo was re-releasing the first Wasgij Original, Mystery and Destiny titles. This is what actually spurred me on to make my first puzzle purchase since the World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle. (Yup, I did that. 😎 40,320 pieces!) Since I’m relatively new to Jumbo puzzles, I’m almost 20 years behind and definitely didn’t have the first of anything. That meant time to get an order together! This is the first of the Retro puzzles I’ve assembled. I know, you’re all super surprised that I like it, right?

The answer to the question “What will happen to our secret agents next?” isn’t an easy answer – and the solution to their problem is complicated! I’m proud to say I figured it out pretty quickly, and was eager to puzzle and actually see the result. So much fun. I keep saying that over and over with every puzzle, don’t I? It was fun! Perhaps I need a thesaurus?

Graham Thompson’s artwork – amazing as usual. Lots of detail, lots of humor, wonderfully colorful and bright. Jumbo’s quality – amazing as usual. Excellent fit, thickness, image reproduction, piece shape, etc. So to sum up – this puzzle was awesome!

It’s a good thing I have a LOT of Wasgij puzzles to assemble because I absolutely adore them. Not just the quality (but that is a huge plus in my book), but the concept and artwork as well. I love not having the picture to work from and having to figure out how the picture on the box is relevant to the finished puzzle. I wish I had more of them to be honest, but I’ll have to make due with the stack in my closet that is taller than me. I think it’s about 6 feet high. 😮 I’m a little addicted.

The Mouth of the River!

The Mouth of the River! by Graham Thompson (Wasgij Original #12) – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

This Wasgij was fun, but more challenging that I thought! When I finished this one I was definitely proud of myself. As usual, I’m not showing the entire puzzle so as not to spoil the fun for anyone else who may do the puzzle. It’s so much more fun if you figure it out for yourself, and it feels like much more of an accomplishment!

Graham Thompson is one of my favorite artists and his Wasgij puzzles are amazing. The artwork was fun and funny, the quality of the puzzle itself is excellent and you have the added fun of not having a picture to work from. I think it adds fun, of course some people may not enjoy that.

With a Wasgij, depending on which type of puzzle you have, you have clues to what the end of the puzzle might look like. With the Wasgij original series you have to imagine the scene from the point of view of one of the characters on the box image. For this puzzle you have to puzzle the scene from the view of the man sitting on the back of the elephant.


You know you’ll have the boat, river, fish and bird his eye line at least. So you know generally what part of the puzzle should look like and you have to figure out the rest. And let me tell you, it is AMAZING what everyone is looking at! Of course it must be if even the birds and fish are shocked!

I highly recommend any of the Wasgij puzzles, I love the added challenge of figuring out what the picture is, and I love the high quality of the Jumbo puzzles. Give yourself a challenge and try a Wasgij puzzle if you have the chance, it’s so much fun!


Super Models – Wasgij Destiny #9

Wasgij Destiny #9 Super Models by Graham Thompson – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

I can’t show you the whole finished puzzle, it’ll spoil it! The Wasgij puzzles are some of my favorites. They feel amazing, fit together wonderfully, and the mystery of figuring out what the puzzle will look like just adds to the fun!

On the box are beautiful ladies modeling swimsuits, and the finished puzzle is how they’ll look about 50 years in the future. I knew this image was going to be humorous and I couldn’t wait to put it together. I loved it! It’s so much fun to get to the end and see all the little jokes in both the foreground and background.  The Jumbo quality is awesome and the puzzle feels lovely to run your hands over (which I always do). 🙂

I can’t recommend Wasgij and Jumbo puzzles enough.  The quality is superior! I have a 5 foot tall stack of new ones waiting to be done in my closet. I went a little crazy. 😉

Wasgij #22 Studio Tour

Wasgij Original #22 Studio Tour by Graham Thompson – Jumbo – 1500 pieces

You only get to see a tiny bit of the puzzle, I can’t give away the ending!  This lovely lady is shown on the box, so I’m not spoiling anything. This was my first Jumbo puzzle and first Wasgij – and I think I’m in love!

The pieces have a waxy feel which I adore.  I can’t help running my fingers over the completed pieces and when I pick up a piece to consider where it goes I rub my thumb over the top as well. They fit together wonderfully – not too tight and not too loose.  Goldilocks would say they are just right!  The finished image is almost seamless and I absolutely love the artwork.  Cartoon puzzles are a favorite of mine. Add all those traits up and these puzzles are just made for me! Why are there so many to choose from?  Why must I be tempted so?? Why don’t I have more money to spend on puzzles???

It is an entertaining challenge to figure out what everyone on the box is looking at, and always funny when you get things finished.  The artwork is not childish at all, and it’s so much fun to see things start to come together as you figure out what exactly you’re assembling. Sometimes I challenge myself with a regular puzzle and put the box away so I can assemble it without an image to go by.  I do like a good challenge!

After completing this puzzle I went a little bit insane and ordered 22 more Wasgijs (that was all I could find at the time). There is almost a 5 foot tall stack of Wasgij puzzles in my closet waiting to be done. My husband is a saint I think😉