Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens by Garry Gay – Vermont Christmas Company – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was more difficult than it looked, and we sure were proud of ourselves when it was finished! It’s a beautiful puzzle, and the pieces were quite large for a 1000 piece puzzle, it makes an impressive statement when it’s assembled.

Mom loves fountain pens, so this puzzle was her Christmas present last year. We finally got around to assembling it and it took us much longer than we anticipated. We’ve also learned that while we appreciate a semi-random cut puzzle, we prefer a grid or ribbon cut. We’re used to judging the shape of the piece we’re looking for by the shape of the piece it attaches to – not a wise move when the cut is offset! Your brain has to work differently when the cut is random or offset and you can’t prejudge the size or shape of the piece you need. It’s good to give your brain a workout by changing things up every once in a while, but when you pair that challenge with a challenging puzzle image – WOW!

I did enjoy the quality of this puzzle as well – the pieces were pleasantly thick and fit together well, there are a variety of piece shapes and the image reproduction was beautiful! This was the first 1000 piece by Vermont Christmas Company that mom and I have assembled and we enjoyed the challenge. The assembly was fun, difficult at times, but overall a very nice puzzle.

Vermont Christmas Company has more than just Christmas puzzles, there’s a lot to choose from – including this challenging but gorgeous puzzle!

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