Laundry Day

Laundry Day by Adrian Chesterman – Vermont Christmas Co. – 100 pieces

Forgot about this one; my “grandson” and I put it together when I visited him in July once everyone was vaccinated and safe. I had to do a little research to find the title and artist, cause I left the puzzle with him. Oops!

It’s on the October page, it seems silly to make a “July” page just for this one puzzle.

Also, please excuse the bad photo, I had to take the picture on the kitchen table at someone else’s house. I did my best.

*edit* While re-reading through my blog this past weekend I came across another puzzle with the same title by the same artist but a different puzzle company. It looks as if some of the characters are exactly the same, with some changes. Check it out here. I wonder if the artist gives them license to muck around with the image, or if they change things themselves and sell the image again to a different company. It’s probably the latter.

In all my years of puzzling I’m not sure I’ve run across this before; or perhaps I have, but just didn’t notice. I probably wouldn’t have noticed this time if both puzzles didn’t have the exact same name.

Play Room

Play Room
Play Room by Mark Gregory – Vermont Christmas Company – 100 pieces

This puzzle has beautiful artwork and exceptional quality. If you’re looking to buy a puzzle for a child, this brand is highly recommended.

Play Room 1

Reminds me of my youngest son, he adored trains when he was little. As a child with autism, he loved lining things up – which is easy to do with the cars of a train. Then he’d lay his head on the floor and move the train to watch the wheels turn. I cannot count the number of hours he spent doing that. This brings back a lot of mommy memories. And smiles.

Play Room 2

This is one thing that was NEVER allowed in the playroom/bedroom! No paints without momma supervising. Ever. And when they weren’t being used, they were in mom’s bedroom on a high shelf. The last thing we needed was bright colors stained into the carpeting.