Saturday 04-01-17


It’s no April Fools joke, I am one day away from being finished! I counted all the pieces left and there are 278 to go! I’ll get up tomorrow morning once the coffee is brewed and get myself in the puzzle room for a day of puzzling to finish this behemoth!

Everything is separated by shape and the left side of the puzzle is done so I can use that to know which shape I’m looking for.  It’ll still take a lot of the day (unless I get up early), and I’ll be completely finished. What in the world am I gonna do with myself?

I’ll probably stick to 1000 piece puzzles for a while, unless I’m wishing to spend a little more time on a larger project.  I have plenty of 4000 piece Heye puzzles to do, a 3000 piece Ravensburger, and plenty of 2000 piece puzzles as well. But perhaps for now I’ll stick to the smaller puzzles. I won’t know for sure how I’m feeling about it until I’m there. I may, as is usual for me, completely change my mind and do something completely different. 🙂

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day! I’ll be finished, but I have no idea when I’ll be able to actually assemble the entire thing, that may be a while. I sorta have to make up my mind about where the puzzle is going to end up. 😐

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