Sunday 03-26-17


Pink flowers complete! I even got the five petals falling from the tree. It’s starting to come together, and I’m getting sad that it’s almost over. 😦

The flowers went quickly today, there weren’t many pieces left to choose from. Once the flowers on the left side were finished it took barely any time at all to fill in the small row of flowers on the right. It’s moving along fast! Good thing too, because I wasn’t able to work on it very long today before I had to go rest in bed. That’s alright, I was able to catch up on my Netflix watching.

I think I’ll leave the board upside down and fill in all the yellow background under and around the flowers and trees. It shouldn’t be too time consuming, there aren’t really very many pieces of that color. After that I’ll most likely start working on the darker area of trees above Flower’s head, then I should be ready to flip the board back over start working on the bottom half of the section.

I’m trying to pace myself so that I’m not rushing to get this last section finished, but it’s been so much fun to assemble that’s it’s going faster than I’d planned. Oh dear. Oh deer. 😉

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