Friday 03-17-17


It’s upside down, but that was how I was working on it today, so that’s how it was photographed. I tried flipping the picture, but the camera was at an angle and it looks really weird right side up. I’ve said it before, Ansel Adams I am not!

Filled in all the dark blue today, so the top of the puzzle is done. There’s still plenty left to do – including finding the 4 pieces of the filmstrip that I didn’t sort properly. That is so frustrating! I try to be careful when I’m sorting and make sure everything is where it should be, but not once have I gotten them all the first time. You would think the images in the filmstrip would be easy to sort, and for the most part they are; but there are always a few pieces that don’t look like filmstrip at all and end up sorted with a whole other section. I remember when I was working on Cinderella there were 2 pieces of the coach that didn’t get put in until almost the very end because they were sorted into the twinklies. Frustrating!

I did get the twinklies sorted by shape today, so tomorrow I will begin working on those. It’s probably the least fun part of this puzzle to do, but in the end it looks awesome and you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Please party and puzzle responsibly 😉

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