The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle – The Hospital

The Talking Jigsaw – The Hospital – Buffalo Games – 560 pieces

We found another talking jigsaw at the thrift store! That makes 3 we’ve found, I’m hoping we can find some more. I know there are still a few we don’t have – The Beach, City Hall, and I think a few others. I purposely didn’t take a great picture of this one, as I don’t want to give away the answer 🙂

Anyway, I think this puzzle has been done a LOT, because the fit seemed quite loose, much more than is normal for a Buffalo puzzle. But it was still a lot of fun! First you assemble each window (4 pieces), and then you use the clues in each window to decide where it goes in the puzzle. In some windows you can see a room number on the door, and in others they may tell you what is happening next door to them or on another floor. It’s a logic problem within a jigsaw puzzle!

On the back of the puzzle is the word “congratulations” over and over in several different fonts, you can use these to help you be sure you’ve placed a window correctly. This puzzle would be perfect to do on a glass top table 😉

If you like a little extra puzzling in your jigsaw puzzles and you can find one, I definitely recommend the talking jigsaws, they are a blast!

2 thoughts on “The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle – The Hospital

  1. Sherilan

    Talking jigsaws… yet another type of puzzle I had never heard about. I just started doing puzzles on a regular basis in November and before that hadn’t done any in a long time so there are so many new types out there. I’ll watch for one of these.


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