Thursday 02-09-17


Most of the sky is done, and I even got started on the back side of Pride Rock. It’s looking pretty darn good. I love the sky in this section – it’s absolutely beautiful!

I’m surprised how much I’m still loving this whole puzzle. I thought for sure there would be boredom at some point, that I’d put it away for a couple weeks or so and come back to it reluctantly. Surprisingly that hasn’t happened; and sometimes when I’m not feeling well I’m upset that I’m not able to work on it more. I’m even having trouble working on other puzzles.  At one point I had started and put away 3 different puzzles – I just wasn’t “feeling it” and only wanted to be working on my Memorable Disney Moments. And yes, I do realize how weird I sound, and how weird I am. But I love me and I’m still having loads of fun, that’s what matters. 😎

I haven’t decided where to go next. I could work on the dark part of Pride Rock or start on the giraffes on the left side of the image. I usually have a plan, but my brain doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. As usual, I will probably see what grabs my attention and start there. Sometimes it’s good to not have a plan – it’s like an adventure! 😉

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