Wednesday 02-08-17


Mufasa! It didn’t take as long as I thought it would and most of the pieces were easy to find within the container of sky pieces. Of course, waking up at 2:45 am helped too. Can’t sleep? Might as well puzzle. It’s much quieter than watching tv, so I don’t worry about waking anyone up.

Doesn’t he look awesome though? I know it isn’t great photography, but I’m doing my best with weird lighting and a camera phone. I love that he’s in the clouds looking down on his family, and the colors are just gorgeous! It’ll be even better looking once the whole sky is finished, there are still some great shades of blue and clouds that are almost a dark pink – gonna be fabulous!

More sky tomorrow, and perhaps some work on Pride Rock. Depends on my mood, I think. If I’m cranky and tired and feeling contrary I’ll probably do whatever it is I feel like – damn the plans! I’m feeling tired, cranky and contrary right now, can you tell? 😕


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