Saturday 12-31-16


I really like this! I still have the top to do, but I like that it’s more like doing a regular puzzle. I sorta have edges! Well, one edge and 3 sides 🙂 The picture stinks, but I couldn’t get a good angle, good lighting, or a good picture – obviously. After my fiasco trying to get a better picture last week, I’ve decided I’ll do my best and that’ll have to be good enough. I’m not looking for awards here!

I think the twinkly experiment is a success, I like having the sides on. It’s not overly difficult, though occasionally it can feel time consuming. But with this section I’m actually enjoying slowing down. I’m working on another puzzle that I hope to be done with tomorrow, and I’m spending more time resting and hanging out with family who are home for the holidays. I seem to need more down time lately, having a rough time sitting or standing or even laying down. I guess I have finally accepted my limitations (this week anyways) and am no longer pushing myself to get 1 more piece, row or color finished.

Tomorrow I hope to have the top 2 rows finished, perhaps more. Once I get that done I plan on starting with the characters. There are quite a few to choose from! The pink flamingos, Scuttle, Sebastian, Flounder, Eric and of course Ariel. There are even a few frogs that wouldn’t take much time at all. Whichever color looks the most fun, or inviting, or even challenging – depending on my mood.


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