Friday 12-02-16


More filling in today.  There are about 900 pieces left to go!  I may be able to have this section finished by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Maybe sooner if hubby sees how close I am and wants to help at the end. 😉

Plenty of blue left to go, then it’s on to the twinklies. Still having a good time, and I am actually not frustrated at all.  Maybe it’s because I like the whole puzzle and am excited to be working towards completion. Or maybe I’m just a jigsaw junkie who is addicted to puzzles. Perhaps both!

I saw today that someone has already finished this puzzle.  In 2 months!  I feel like a slacker. 😐 But I can only do what I can do, and it’s not a competition. I’m doing this because I want to accomplish it, and because it’s fun – not because I want to be the first or the fastest.  Lord knows I am definitely not the fastest! I’m doing what I can do, even if I can only work on the puzzle for 10 minutes at a time.  Congrats to the lady who has finished it already though. Way to go!

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