Wednesday 11-23-16


Wendy, John, Michael, Peter, and Tinkerbell – all finished!  Everyone has all their limbs and clothing and is looking good!

After working on Dumbo with all the muted colors, the bright colors of the characters in this section made the assembly quite easy. For this part. Most of the rest of it is dark, but I’ll get through it and be glad I did.  There are a couple more easy bits, the pink clock faces at the top of the tower and the filmstrip. I’m planning on doing those next.

In particular it will be nice to do the filmstrip because in this section it goes along the left side and the bottom.  It will be easy to get it situated where I want it and to make sure the puzzle is somewhat centered on the board and as far down as I want it.

Hopefully I’ll at least be able to get a little bit done tomorrow evening.  I do NOT go shopping or anywhere near stores on black Friday. So instead of fighting the crowds I will be doing something fun – my jigsaw puzzle! Unless the tryptophan gets me and I end up face down in the mashed potatoes 🙂

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your holiday!

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