Saturday 11-12-16


Is that not an adorable little elephant?? I can’t get over how cute he is! This puzzle really hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it might be, although it isn’t easy either. But it’s going quickly and I’m really having a great time.

Once I finished his skin, I had no idea where to go next. I was stumped for a while, made a decision, then I was having quite a rough time focusing because I wasn’t sure I had made the right choice. I know, I know – I’m over thinking it. I realize that now!

I decided to work on the water next, but even within the blue and white there are so many shades and also more grey reflected onto the water. There are a LOT of pieces, but at the end of the evening I decided I should just start grabbing certain shades and assemble them. I don’t have to follow any set pattern or keep going underneath the pieces already put together. Whatever is working for me is what I’ll do. 🙂

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