Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here by Brooke Faulder – Bits and Pieces – 1000 pieces

This one I didn’t think I would enjoy, it’s not the typical puzzle image that I like. That said, I really had fun with this assembly.

The little puppy’s face is adorably cute, although my daughter says it looks judgmental. It makes me laugh because once she said that, I can see it! Still cute, but a little judge-y. Like he/she is disgusted to be at the beach, or can’t believe you spent so much time working on a puzzle!

The random piece cut was fun and interesting, and the image is almost seamless. My only problem was that there were about 9 places on the edge where the pieces just sat next to each other and didn’t connect. A pet peeve of mine – jigsaw pieces should click together, not sit together!

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