Friday 11-11-16

It’s only been 4 days! Go me!

It seems to be going really quickly 🙂 I am not complaining though, I’m really proud!

I have learned in my assembly of this giant puzzle so far that every piece has a twin, and the twin is on the same line. The puzzle is 72 pieces by 56 pieces. There are 2 rows of twinkly edge pieces on each side. That leaves 68 pieces. So you can start counting on piece number 3 and once you have assembled 34 pieces (not including outside 2 pieces), the pattern repeats. So piece number 37 will be the exact same shape as piece number 3. When there is a lot of sameness in color, this can be a huge help!

I learned in the first section that every piece has a twin. The second section taught me that every twin occupies the same line. For some reason, this morning when I was going to begin working on Dumbo’s skin it clicked in my brain. If they repeat in the same line, and I have most of the rest of the line, I can use it to find out what shape I’m looking for!

Having 10 trays of grey pieces, I can use every bit of help I can get. So even though I didn’t have much time this morning, I was able to put in about 130 pieces before I went over to visit at mom’s. I’m estimating that just this morning I probably saved about 2 hours! The first piece I was looking for, all I had to go on was that it was all grey and would have at least 1 male end. Could have been 1,2,3 or 4 for all I knew, there weren’t any surrounding pieces to help in identifying shape. Using the twin method, I knew I was looking for a piece with 2 male and 2 female ends. What a time saver! Instead of having to go through 9 trays for that piece, I only had to check the trays with that shape.  2.5 trays to go through instead of almost all of them. I’m so happy my brain finally made the connection, cause this will really help me.

Hoping to get lots more accomplished tomorrow, and be able to condense my trays down from 10 to an easier to manager number. Here’s hoping!

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