Wednesday 11-09-16


Lots of good stuff done today. Unbelievably I did the dark blue and edge pieces, even though I usually do that near the end. It was easy and convenient, so there ya go. I finished the pale color in the background above the straw and was able to connect Timothy to it, and even got a large portion of one of Dumbo’s ears finished.

I knew from the picture that Dumbo was a huge part of the image, but seeing the size of just a part of his ear really lets you know just how big he will be. Wow!

This section is different in that I don’t have several different characters to assemble and place approximately where they go. Timothy went first, and the only other character is Dumbo, and he’s HUGE. I don’t normally start at one side and work my way to the other, but it’s looking like that’s mostly how this one is going to go.

Hopefully things keep going as quickly as they have been so far. But the easy stuff is kinda over, so that’s most likely going to slow me down some. Still enjoying myself, and that’s what really matters!

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