Tuesday 11-08-16

Dumbo has begun!

Finally was able to finish sorting and start the actual assembly of the 3rd section, Dumbo. While sorting, it was clear that this puzzle isn’t going to be a cakewalk, although I’m hoping it won’t be as challenging as Cinderella was. The number of grey and pink pieces for Dumbo himself is a bit overwhelming, not to mention the various shades of brown, blue and white. But I’ll get through it like always, and will be extremely proud when it’s finished 🙂

Timothy Q. Mouse is completed already, as his pieces were the easiest to pull out – he’s basically the smallest thing in the puzzle. He is about the size of my hand, so not tiny, but you can see in the picture he is a very small part of the whole image.

I started with the burgundy color in the background behind Dumbo, and as the filmstrip is connected to that I decided to go ahead and do that early in this puzzle. It’s not a corner section so there is only one side that has filmstrip instead of two. Not difficult to work, and actually boosted my piece count for the day so I’m already about 1/8 done! I also put together Dumbo’s eyes and mouth, and the little 4 piece Disney logo. That was where I called it quits for the day.

It doesn’t look overly impressive, but I’m happy with the amount I got done today, especially having had to go out and run errands twice! Hopefully tomorrow will be less hectic and there will be more time to work on the puzzle. Now that I’ve started I’m anxious to make lots of progress!

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