Civil War Generals

Civil War Generals – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

What a fun puzzle!  It was refreshing after working the large Cinderella section to have a puzzle where I barely had to look at the box and could put together large sections of it. I’m not sure I would call it a collage, but it felt that way to me.  Really relaxing and entertaining, along with educational.

The Eurographics brand is quite good – random cut, good thickness,  and the image was crisp. Really fun to assemble; it was easy to pull out all the words and put those together, then the flags, etc. The frames for the Union and Confederate generals were different as well, so that made the portraits easy to pull out and assemble too.

Under each general’s name was a short bio including dates of birth and death, major battles and campaigns participated in, and place of burial. I had never heard of many of these men and I learned a lot. And oh my the facial hair – mutton chops for days, impressive beards and fantabulous mustaches!

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