Saturday 10-29-16

Getting there, a little bit at a time…

There was a lot of stopping and starting today, I wasn’t always sure what part/color I wanted to work on, and there was quite a bit of break time when I had to change positions and go do something else. ¬†Also, my dog decided that whenever I sat down to work on the puzzle he needed to go outside, or was in desperate need of some play time or just to have me sit next to him on the couch. Despite all that I made a good bit of progress!

The footman is almost completely finished, and I was also able to get the majority of the ground done. ¬†It seemed like it took a long time to place any pieces in a section, but once I got a few inserted it seemed to go much faster. There’s still a bit of the ground to do, and then there’s nothing left to do but jump into the darker/blotchy pieces and hope it doesn’t become tedious or take too long.

I’m hoping to send my husband to the grocery store tomorrow after his round of golf, so I won’t have to go anywhere. That way I can catch up on a little tv watching, and work a few pieces at a time during commercials. ¬†Sometimes when I’m working on a difficult section it helps me to walk away for a bit; when I come back it seems easier to find the pieces I’m looking for. I’m hoping though that the darker sections won’t be as difficult as I thought they would be. After looking at most of the remaining pieces I think that although it will be time consuming, it may not be too terribly difficult. ¬†Time will tell.

I’m enjoying listen to music on my phone while I work, right now I’m listening to lots of 80’s songs. ¬†Keeps my mind focused on the puzzle, while also taking my mind off the picture as a whole, how many pieces I’m putting in, or having to try every piece of the certain shape to find the correct one. ¬†And best of all, it’s fun listening to songs that I enjoy and singing along!

Friday 10-28-16

Filmstrip is complete!

Was only able to work on the puzzle a little bit this morning, but the filmstrip is finished! And as an added bonus for the day I am now at the halfway point of this puzzle, having placed 2026 pieces. Woo hoo!!! I fear the next half will not go as quickly, but I’ll be working on it every day and there is no set schedule – when I get done is when it’ll be done!

It doesn’t seem as though I should only be halfway done, but the numbers don’t lie. Admittedly I’m feeling slightly apprehensive about the amount of dark background above all the figures, although there’s nothing to do but to just jump in. ¬†Of course I may just hold off on the jumping until after I’ve finished the rest of the footman and the lighter colored ground. ¬†Not that I’m procrastinating, I would never! ūüėČ (Lying about procrastinating, however, seems to be something I WOULD do)

So after a month’s worth of work, how am I enjoying the world’s largest puzzle? I’m enjoying it very much, perhaps even more than I thought I would. I’m looking forward to working on each section (although I must admit that Peter Pan and Fantasia look to be just as difficult if not more so than Cinderella). I almost wish I had another board so I could be working on two sections at once. That way if I got stuck or was feeling overwhelmed by one of them I could take a break by working on the other. ¬†Not a great idea for me though, because I may neglect the more difficult one in favor of one that isn’t so taxing, then I would be at the end and only be left with the tougher ones. ¬†I definitely want to avoid that!

I am still having a great time and determined to enjoy myself, even when I’m not particularly thrilled with the section. ¬†Hobbies are supposed to be fun, but being challenged doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, it just means I have to exercise my gray matter a little more which is it’s own kind of fun. ¬†I may need to be reminded of that every so often while I’m working on a rough spot – HEY! CHALLENGING DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT FUN! QUIT YOUR WHINING GRAMA! YOU ASKED FOR THIS! YOU PAID GOOD MONEY FOR THIS!