Thursday 10-06-16

Slow and steady wins the race!

Only about 75 or so pieces added today, and mostly all over so I can’t really point to anything specific that got done other than Sneezy’s (I think) hands and part of Snow White’s arm. Otherwise there was just general filling in where I could.

We doubled the size of our household today with loved ones here to ride out the storm because ours is the only cement block house in the family. We also added 3 extra dogs, so it’s been a bit of a madhouse here. But I’m happy to be able to keep everyone safe from our uninvited guest Matthew. Our house was built in the 60’s and has survived every hurricane for over 50 years, so we’re praying it keeps it’s stellar record.

We are most likely going to lose power soon as the outer rain bands are almost here. So I figured it was time to put up today’s post while I still can. I hope all our friends and family in Florida are hunkered down and staying safe. Take care!

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