Wednesday 10-05-16

The dwarfs are starting to look like themselves!

Despite our hurricane preparations today I was able to sit for a few minutes at a time and de-stress by working on my puzzle. It’s one of the great things about doing jigsaw puzzles; you have to concentrate on what you’re doing so it is a wonderful task to relieve stress and stop your mind from worrying, etc. We’re going to be having 4 extra adults and 3 extra dogs at the house for the duration of the storm, so a little time not having to think is just what I needed!

Things are moving along pretty well, especially since I’m basically the only one working on the puzzle. My husband has put a few pieces in, and since my mother and daughter will be here for the next few days I’m hoping they’ll want to help too. Perhaps there will be a lot of progress made with more hands to help 🙂

Hope all is well with friends and loved ones in Matthew’s path. Looks like he’s coming ashore pretty much on top of us as of tonight’s forecast. Be safe.

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