Laundry Day

Laundry Day by Adrian Chesterman – Vermont Christmas Co. – 100 pieces

Forgot about this one; my “grandson” and I put it together when I visited him in July once everyone was vaccinated and safe. I had to do a little research to find the title and artist, cause I left the puzzle with him. Oops!

It’s on the October page, it seems silly to make a “July” page just for this one puzzle.

Also, please excuse the bad photo, I had to take the picture on the kitchen table at someone else’s house. I did my best.

*edit* While re-reading through my blog this past weekend I came across another puzzle with the same title by the same artist but a different puzzle company. It looks as if some of the characters are exactly the same, with some changes. Check it out here. I wonder if the artist gives them license to muck around with the image, or if they change things themselves and sell the image again to a different company. It’s probably the latter.

In all my years of puzzling I’m not sure I’ve run across this before; or perhaps I have, but just didn’t notice. I probably wouldn’t have noticed this time if both puzzles didn’t have the exact same name.

7 thoughts on “Laundry Day

  1. rleedee

    Stacey! It is so great to have you back. I have been missing your blog for months and checking back regularly hoping that you would return. I was sorry to read/hear about the difficult time that you and your family have been going through. The pandemic has taken a toll on so many people’s mental health, and it is refreshing to hear someone who is willing to be upfront about it. I was discussing my anxiety with my primary care doctor a few days ago, and he said something to the effect of “I’d be more concerned about you if you weren’t feeling anxious.” In some ways that was validating (I guess?), but also I think it speaks to what a difficult time so many of us are going through. I don’t want to minimize what you (personally) are dealing with. I share that story more as a way of saying “You are not alone, girlfriend!” I also want you to know that your blog brings a ray of joy to my life. So I look forward to your posts when you are feeling up to it. Can’t wait for you to find some space to get back to puzzling! Sending positive healing energy your way. Fondly, Ronda

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    1. Ronda, it’s so good to hear from you! I hope all is well with you and yours, and I’ve missed you too!

      I hope your doctor took your anxiety seriously, too many times it’s brushed off.

      Did you ever assemble that Charles Fazzino puzzle you won in the giveaway? Did you enjoy it?


      1. rleedee

        Hi Stacey. Not sure I would say all is well. My mom passed away last Christmas, followed by me needing major surgery in early January. My dad just got out of the hospital with covid (83 and fully vaccinated). So… it’s been a rough many months. But I’m hanging in there. I appreciate your concern.

        I do think my doctor “heard me.” He is well familiar with my tendency to be anxious and my recent stressors. But I also think he was trying to normalize it a bit — to prevent me being anxious about being anxious. If only I could sleep!

        On a happier note… YES! I did do that puzzle. My intimidation about doing a 2000 piece puzzle was completely unfounded. It was such fun. I should try to find more of his puzzles. Thank you so much for that.

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      2. I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom, truly. I know how devastating that is. And hope your dad is on the road to recovery, as well as yourself after surgery. I’m always here if you need to talk. You can email me through the contact me page whenever you’d like. 💟

        I can’t help you with the sleep, lord knows I barely sleep these days either. I hope it gets better for you.

        I’m so glad you enjoyed the puzzle! It makes me want to do another giveaway soon, everyone seemed to enjoy them so much.


  2. You have actually come across this once before! Remember the Cake Shed by Steve Read? ( & I think they often sell the image for different markets, in this case Buffalo got North America, Ravensburger the UK (the Ravensburger was only available from the UK) and Schmidt Europe. Many other images of Steve Read are also available from Ravensburger in the UK and from Schmidt elsewhere in Europe (I don’t know about Buffalo and America). I prefer it if they all use the same name, then there’s less chance that I inadvertently buy the same image twice, but I’ve also seen cases where different names are used.

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