Movie Posters

Movie Posters
Movie Posters by Lewis T. Johnson – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

My son and I assembled this in just about 2.5 hours on New Year’s Eve! That’s what happens when you assemble a puzzle with someone who is LASER FOCUSED on the task at hand. (If you were wondering, the laser focus wasn’t me; I kept getting distrac….. oooh! Look! Something shiny!)

This beauty is already glued and ready for framing to hang in his room. Best of all, we had a great time assembling it and when we were done he put on his copy of It Happened One Night and we watched it together. I have the best kids.💝

There were 2 different movies that each had 2 posters in the puzzle – one of them was Casablanca, and the other was It Happened One Night. I wonder why they got double billing:

Of the 38 posters (from 36 movies) astonishingly I’ve only seen 2 of them! Gone With the Wind, and It Happened One Night. I know, I know. How can I not have seen Casablanca? Honestly, not interested in seeing it. 🤨

My son’s favorite of the movies shown is North by Northwest…

Movie Posters 3

Talk about great image reproduction, you can even read those tiny little words. Wow. Fantastically fun puzzle!


Neon Signs


Neon Signs by Lewis T. Johnson – White Mountain Puzzles – 1000 pieces

Here’s another puzzle from several years ago, and I distinctly remember this one. It wasn’t that difficult in my opinion (other than the edges), and is a GORGEOUS finished image! Thankfully this picture isn’t too horrible, at least compared to some of the others I’ve been posting. 😎

White Mountain 1000 piece puzzles are larger than most, and I find that I enjoy working with the larger pieces. The finished puzzle seems almost like more of an accomplishment too, it’s an impressive size. Sometimes there can be a problem with image lift or many still connected pieces, but usually I find them to be a good quality puzzle.

The edges were super difficult and took a lot of time, but the rest of the puzzle was a joy. It’s listed on the page of “challenging” puzzles on the White Mountain website, but other than the edges I didn’t find it to be very difficult at all. I love the look of the neon against the black background, and working on each of the signs was great fun – hubby even wanted to help! The fit was beautiful, and the finished puzzle would look great framed.

Mom wanted to put this together too, so when I finished I numbered the edge pieces starting in the bottom left corner and going around – to give mom a leg up when she assembled it. She was very appreciative, and even did the same for me when she worked a puzzle with a difficult edge. Every little bit helps. 😉

This puzzle is still in production, so if you like the look of it – I say go for it! It’s not as difficult as you may think. I found it to be entertaining and relaxing; so much so that I still fondly remember the assembly of it more than 2 years later. ❤