Dinosaurs – Melissa & Doug – 48 pieces

Here’s another small children’s puzzle that mom and I assembled on our visit/puzzle day. Melissa & Doug make excellent puzzles for children and they have some really interesting educational and fun images.

The colors seem a bit muted here, but it was still a pretty puzzle and an entertaining assembly. The fit is almost seamless and the pieces were wonderfully thick. Melissa & Doug are primarily focused on children’s games and toys and they have a very nice selection for children of all ages.

They also carry a small line of adult puzzles, but I don’t believe I’ve assembled any of them yet. We’ve not found any of their larger piece count puzzles at the local thrift stores, but I’m hoping for the chance to try one someday.

Melissa & Doug, I wouldn’t say no to one of your adult puzzles to review; I love trying out new companies! 😉

Dance, Hug, Sing

Dance, Hug, Sing – Cardinal – 48 pieces

Another cute kid’s puzzle from the thrift store, but we didn’t even know we had this one! It was bagged separately in the box of another puzzle purchased. Freebie! Free is my favorite price. 😉

Excellent quality kids puzzle from Cardinal, and it was fun putting this together without the picture. Nice, thick pieces that fit together well with bright, fun colors – basically everything you’d want in a kids puzzle. It’s very well made and should last through many, many assemblies.

This was much nicer than the Troll hair puzzle. Ick! This puzzle has since been donated to a school, I’m sure they’re having a great time with it. It’s always fun to assemble kid’s puzzles for me, makes me feel like an expert puzzler! 😎

Troll Hair Puzzle

Troll Hair Puzzle – Cardinal – 48 pieces

This was a weird little puzzle. I like the shaped edge, but I’m stumped regarding the reason that one of the trolls has hair. I suppose it could be to make the puzzle more attractive to young children, but in my opinion it obscures the shape of the piece and it isn’t easy to fit into the puzzle. I’m probably just being a cranky old lady, right? You kids get off my lawn!! 👵

Otherwise this is a cute kid’s puzzle that only took a few minutes to assemble. I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know who is who in this image, but I think they’re cute. The pieces are moderately thick and sturdy and fit together very well. There are a few spots where the tabs are sticking up a bit from the puzzle, but I think that’s due to it being a thrift store puzzle that’s been loved rather than from the manufacturing.

I’m enjoying all these kid’s puzzles even if it only takes a few minutes to assemble. It’s interesting to me the broad range of quality that kids puzzles have, not to mention so many manufacturers! I’m always intrigued when we find a new manufacturer and I love to check out their quality.

This was a well-made, cute, simple puzzle….that needs a hairbrush! 😉