Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar by Jacek Yerka – Ceaco (New Perspectives) – 550 pieces

It was a New Perspectives puzzle that got us started back up puzzling a couple of years ago. Thanksgiving Day my boys were sitting on the front porch of my parent’s house waiting for dinner to be ready and they both started helping us assemble a puzzle. This was a minor miracle in itself because they are both autistic and don’t have much to do with each other, so having them work together on something was amazing! We all had a great time assembling that puzzle together and from that point on mom and I have been back into puzzles, and we’re still going strong. 🙂

This was a quick assembly with mom and I working together, we managed to get 3 puzzles assembled in one day!

Ceaco isn’t a favorite brand, the pieces are too thin for my liking and sometimes the fit is odd. But they do have an excellent catalog and very reasonable prices. If you’re not a collector and just someone who likes to put together puzzles that don’t always have to be premium quality then Ceaco could be a good way to go.

If the image is something we really love, we sometimes purchase a Ceaco at the thrift stores. We do not, however, purchase them new. That’s just how we roll, but if Ceaco is a brand you like, you should definitely go for it – they really do have some excellent images! 😎


Pirate’s Landing

Pirate’s Landing by Ulrike Schneiders – Ceaco – 300 pieces

This is one of three puzzles mom and I finished in one day. 🙂 This was another thrift store find that had never been opened. I keep wondering how that happens!

It’s a Ceaco puzzle, so it had thin pieces and a lot of puzzle dust; but the image reproduction is very nice and the pieces fit together well. This would be a nice puzzle to donate to a senior center – the very bright colors and large pieces would make for a nice activity. Perhaps that is where this puzzle will find a new home. 🙂

This is from a puzzle series by Ceaco and photographer Ulrike Schneiders called Bear Necessities. They feature toy bears; the pictures are cute and fun, and make for excellent puzzling.

It’s a charming image, and the assembly was a nice distraction from a very stressful day. Even when it’s not a premium quality puzzle I can still turn off my brain and dive headfirst into a puzzle where all I have to do is find the next piece. Thank goodness for the thrift store puzzles that keep our costs down – there’s a lot more stress than cash these days! 😐