Sunrise Colorful Country Quilt

Sunrise Colorful Country Quilt
Sunrise Colorful Country Quilt by Cheryl Bartley – Milton Bradley – 500 pieces

This title makes me wonder why it isn’t “quilts” – plural. Perhaps because I used to be a secretary and I’m always wanting to make things grammatically correct. Title aside, it was a very pretty, highly entertaining puzzle.

The quality was very good; thick pieces with a good variety of shapes that fit together well. The nature of the artwork with brushstrokes and the texture on the canvas made the assembly a little more challenging. I enjoy these premium quality Milton Bradley puzzles with the blue chipboard – they’re very pleasant to work with.

The artist, Cheryl Bartley, makes some colorful and interesting images that make for great puzzles. This is the second puzzle of her artwork that I’ve put together and I loved both of them. There’s something about folk art images that I find charming, they make such lovely puzzles!

I love the dog that’s treed the cat on the left, although it almost looks like a wolf to me; and this was my favorite of the quilts, although I’m not sure I have the vocabulary to explain why.

This puzzle was Goldilocks for me – not too easy and not too difficult – it was just right!

Innocent Light

Innocent Light
Innocent Light by Alan Giana – E&L – 100 pieces

Mom had a successful thrift store trip this week and brought me this Christmas puzzle that was only 100 pieces. It’s such a pretty image! There’s a lot of glitter, but I wasn’t able to get a good picture of it.

Unfortunately this is an E&L puzzle, and the quality was dismal. The pieces are thin and fit together very poorly. You can see by the picture above that the finished puzzle doesn’t lie flat, but being a used puzzle it might be from our fantastic Florida humidity rather than poor quality. Although at 35 cents, it was still money well spent; even with less than perfect quality I can still enjoy the puzzle.

On the positive side, this is a “Sparkles in Light” holiday series glitter puzzle, and the glitter is adhered extremely well. There wasn’t one speck of it anywhere on the bottom of the box – and that’s a rarity with glitter puzzles that I’ve worked. No festive puzzle dust at all! LOL