Wild Animals

Wild Animals by Michael Searle – A Broader View – 500 pieces

Wild Animals is a beautiful puzzle with bright, fun colors that mom and I found much more challenging than we assumed. Even looking at it now I’m surprised that it was difficult, because it really doesn’t look as if it would be. Perhaps I need a new prescription for my glasses? 🤓

A Broader View puzzles are perfect for puzzling with two or more people, the “top” of the image is at the center of the puzzle. No matter where you are sitting while assembling these puzzles you’ve got the right perspective. The pieces are thinner than a premium puzzle, but still a respectable thickness and fit together quite well. All in all I find them good quality puzzles and I’ve enjoyed every one that I’ve done.

We spent a bit of time on our last visit day looking for smaller piece count puzzles that we wanted to do. We had several to choose from, but they weren’t “speaking to us”. At times I have to be in the right mood to work certain puzzles, and neither of us could find a puzzles that we both wanted to do. I’m sure it’s the same for other puzzlers out there, you have to be inspired or excited by the image or even by the pieces.

I stopped at a Tuesday Morning on the way home from physical therapy and found several smaller piece count puzzles that struck my fancy, so we’ll have plenty to choose from on our next puzzle day. 😎

The Bridesmaid

The Bridesmaid by John Everett Millais – Pomegranate – 500 pieces

This is one of those images that, when I saw it I gasped; I LOVE IT! There’s something about her face, and all that beautiful hair – gorgeous! I knew that her hair would be a challenge, but I was more than willing to give it a go. Pomegranate chooses the most interesting and beautiful artwork.

Puzzles like this one are the reason mom and I love the thrift stores. She finds amazing puzzles that are no longer being produced; and many times they’re from premium brands like Pomegranate. She cannot pass up any puzzle from this brand, no matter the image – it would offend her sensibilities to leave a Pomegranate on the shelves. The quality is so good that she knows we’ll enjoy the puzzle no matter the image. Luckily for me this artwork grabbed me and I enjoyed every piece, even that long, stunning hair. 😉

Pomegranate quality is excellent; from the thickness of the pieces to the fit and impressive image reproduction. Even their boxes have a premium quality feel – you know when you’re holding the box that you’ve got a top-notch puzzle in your hands. Pomegranate is also one of the few companies that show the entire image on the box lid, there is nothing covering any part of the picture; as a puzzler that is very much appreciated! Their catalog of puzzles focuses mainly on fine art and illustrations and has some of the most interesting and unique images around. They also have a series of beautiful 100 piece mini puzzles for adults with artists from Charley Harper to Renoir that come in a hinged metal box. There’s something for just about everyone.

I would guess about 90-95% of the thrift store puzzles we purchase are complete. You take a risk that you may have missing pieces, but for me the rewards outweigh the risk. We find delightful puzzles at amazingly discounted prices and can enjoy our hobby/obsession/addiction for a fraction of the cost of purchasing retail. Sometimes we find gems like this one, and sometimes we’re disappointed when a piece or two has flown the coop. But even with a missing piece we still get the enjoyment, entertainment, and health benefits that come with puzzle assembly – and that’s what it’s all about.