5th Avenue In Progress

5th Avenue IP
Browsing & Butterflies on 5th Avenue

I’m assembling a 2000 piece puzzle with an extremely detailed and entertaining image by Charles Fazzino for review, and I think the progress is coming along quite well. Not bad for two day’s work even if I do say so myself.

The quality is much better than expected. Get ready regular readers – this is a Sure-Lox puzzle! I have put together a couple of their 300 piece puzzles recently and have remarked on the better quality; it seems as though they’ve tried to improve their all around quality with thicker chipboard and a much nicer fit. I have to say I am duly impressed.

All the pieces are ballerinas, which is my silly name for a piece with two male and two female connectors. (Two/two = tutu = ballerina) I don’t know when mom and I came up with that name, but that’s been what we’ve called this piece shape for years. I digress. Anyway, all the pieces are the same, which may be a pain in the behind for the sky portion but I obviously haven’t gotten that far yet.

I’m working on the considerably busy lower two-thirds of the puzzle, and the single piece shape hasn’t presented much of a problem. There are three types of pieces, what I’m calling long, skinny, and fat. So when I have a building or patterned area I separate the pieces into their piles of long, skinny, and fat and start working from there. It isn’t much of a bother, and while I prefer a puzzle with multiple piece shapes I’ve found many puzzle brands are using only one shape these days. It doesn’t disqualify it from being entertaining for me.

It is, in fact, wonderfully entertaining so far, and I’m loving the very detailed image. This is the first puzzle by this artist that I’ve assembled, and I think I may be looking for more of his work.

Doug the Pug (Doughnuts)

Doug Donuts
Doug the Pug (Doughnuts) – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Both Doug the Pug puzzles were assembled in the same night. Insomnia is great for getting uninterrupted puzzle time; it’s not so great for the brain though. No sleep means tired, slow, hazy brain cells, which make puzzle assembly harder as you go along. Still, on this night it meant finishing two adorable puzzles and a nice long nap later that day.

This image was much easier to assemble than cheesy Doug from yesterday, all the different doughnuts plus that curly tongue made it much simpler to sort and put together. They were both enjoyable in their own way, but this one is my favorite of the two – as far as assembly is concerned. If we’re just talking about the images, I think I prefer cheesy Doug.

Many thanks to my beautiful daughter who looks for puzzles wherever she shops. She gets out and about much more than I do, and keeps an eye out for puzzles her momma might like. What a sweetheart!