Pencil Pushers

Pencil Pushers – Springbok – 500 pieces

This apparently looks like a difficult puzzle, when I showed it to someone saying it would be my next puzzle they thought it looked very hard. I didn’t think so, but more than one person told me that. I thought it looked pretty easy actually, and it was!

I really enjoyed this puzzle, it went together pretty quickly and it’s stunningly beautiful. The random cut pieces made it interesting and the colors are bright and fun. The finished image is really lovely. I sent this puzzle to mom’s house for her to assemble, and when she’s done with it I would like to frame it. It’s such a wonderful image, I absolutely love it!

This puzzle was about average Springbok quality, the piece fit was a bit tight, and the backs of the pieces were slightly fuzzy around the edges. They were a good thickness, though, and the image reproduction is stellar. This is one of the instances where the image can overcome most quality shortcomings. There have been a few puzzles where the image was so entertaining to assemble that I didn’t really mind the quality issues that would usually annoy me. This is one of them. 🙂

Great image, fun assembly, most excellent thrift store find!


Movie Reel

Movie Reel – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

My youngest son gave me this puzzle for Christmas, so bright and fun and full of color! My daughter and I started it’s assembly on Christmas Day after we finished Retro Dogs, and I finished it a day or so later. I love the image, and it was mostly great Ravensburger quality but I was slightly disappointed in the image reproduction. Some of the smaller images were more fuzzy and indistinct than others; that’s not something I usually find with a Ravensburger.

The quality of the pieces themselves was excellent, as usual. The image reproduction, though, left a bit to be desired. Most of the image was crisp and clear, but some small sections were seemingly out of focus and slightly fuzzy. I haven’t had this problem with Ravensburger before, but it’s worth mentioning for this puzzle specifically.

I enjoyed this puzzle very much, I think the choice of these 3 Pixar movies was excellent, probably because I’ve seen all three of them and the kids and I loved them all. The bright colors and adorable characters made this wonderfully fun to assemble. The edges of the movies reels and the blue background gave it a bit of a challenge, but it wouldn’t be as much fun if it were too easy. 🙂

Even with the small quality issue, this was a great puzzle and I still recommend it. For me it brought back memories of watching these movies with my kids when they were younger; how in the world is Toy Story 23 years old?!