Review: Tsuki Hoshi

This post is sponsored by Puzzle Warehouse. I received a free product in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.
Tsuki Hoshi by Haruyo Morita – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

When I received some puzzles and products to review, this puzzle jumped out at me immediately. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the colors are stunning; I knew right away that this puzzle would be the first one I assembled – and I wasn’t disappointed!

Tsuki Hoshi (which my oldest son tells me means Moon Star), is only the second or third puzzle from Eurographics that I’ve completed; they are a very good quality puzzle in my opinion. This puzzle took me 3 days to complete, which is about my average time for a 1000 piece puzzle.

There were no damaged pieces or pieces still attached to one another in the bag and there was little to no puzzle dust. The pieces feel thick and sturdy and fit together well, but not too tightly. This puzzle was a random cut so it was never boring and you don’t think a piece fits where it doesn’t belong. The image reproduction is very good with beautiful colors and a slightly glossy finish that can cause some glare when working under lights.

Besides the small amount of glare, my only issue with this puzzle is that the piece shape is very obvious in the lighter areas of the finished image. This isn’t a problem for the entire puzzle, the kimono itself and the darker areas of water do not show the piece shape nearly as much. I don’t believe this was an issue with the other Eurographics puzzles I’ve completed, so I may have gotten a puzzle from the end of the run. No matter, the obvious piece shape didn’t make it any less fun to put together, I still had a great time! 🙂

My daughter loves the image on this puzzle, so I’ll be gluing it together to frame for her. Sometimes when you glue a puzzle the glue helps to lessen the appearance of the piece shapes, so I’m hoping that holds true with this puzzle as well. But even if you can see the puzzle pieces, it’s still a beautiful image that will look great framed! I have some puzzle glue to review as well, so stay tuned in the next week or so and I’ll have pictures of the puzzle before and after gluing.

This was my first puzzle by Haruyo Morita, and I find her artwork amazingly beautiful and detailed – I will definitely be looking to work more puzzles with her artwork. Click here to see other puzzles from this artist available at Puzzle Warehouse.

The finished puzzle is 19.25 x 26.625 in. (48.89 x 67.63 cm), which makes a nice large image for framing. The box is on the smaller side for a 1000 piece puzzle, 8 inches (20.32 cm) square, but is well made and sturdy with the full image on the cover and the artist and title prominently displayed. One side has a smaller version of the entire image along with the company name, piece count, artist, and title which would be ideal for shelving either vertically or horizontally.

Tsuki Hoshi is a beautiful puzzle by Eurographics with an image that is excellent for puzzling; many shades of color, background items, and a random cut ensures an assembly experience that isn’t tedious or frustrating. I enjoyed this assembly from start to finish – the image is beautiful, the random cut kept my attention and the finished product will look lovely framed. The finish is slightly shiny so take care when working the darker areas at night under lights. If you are a fan of Asian art, Haruyo Morita, or just love this image I definitely recommend this puzzle! 👍





Disney Panorama of Friends

Disney Panorama of Friends – Cardinal Games – 150 pieces

Another cool thrift store find, a new company to try out, and a super fun image for Disney fans. Three for the price of one!

When we assembled the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle last week I wanted to bring a kid’s puzzle or two for children to work on if they were bored. Turns out it was a great idea, because adults and children alike were working on the puzzles – maybe I inspired someone!  This puzzle was the one everyone was helping with; the bright colors, familiar characters, and excellent quality made it the favorite of the day. (Besides the big kahuna of course) 😉

I was impressed with the quality of this puzzle. The pieces were extremely sturdy and fit together well, the image reproduction was bright without being over the top, and the finished puzzle lies flat and is seamless. Excellent quality for a children’s puzzle!

If you read this blog regularly you know I don’t really talk about the boxes puzzles come in unless they were awful or really cool. The box this puzzle came in was not good at all. It was slightly curved which isn’t a problem, but was made of thin cardboard and the attached top had 2 places where it was to be opened. Not the best idea for a kids puzzle if you ask me, the one we bought was ripped on the top. I prefer a box that has a separate bottom and a top so that you don’t have to damage the box to open it and it makes it a little more difficult to lose a piece. The box wasn’t ideal for a children’s puzzle, and especially one that was such good quality – the puzzle will last, but what about the box?

Box issues aside, this was an excellent puzzle. I looked on their website and Cardinal Games has a good catalog of children’s puzzles and even some adult puzzles in 300, 500, and 1000 pieces. I’m interested to see what the quality of the adult puzzles is like, perhaps my black belt thrift store shopper will be able to find one for us to try. 😎🛒



Sweet-Tart by Ellen Jareckie – Ceaco (House-Mouse Tails) – 500 pieces

Aren’t these interesting pieces? Ceaco isn’t my favorite puzzle company but they certainly seem to like take chances on making puzzles in new and different ways. I’ve worked a couple of their cork-backed puzzles, a puzzle with velvet backing, and now we have curly pieces! I love the diversity.

When I change from working a grid cut puzzle to one that’s random cut it takes a bit for my brain to catch up – I have to change the way I look for pieces, etc. The same applies here, your brain has to change how you see the curly pieces and how they fit together. It’s an interesting challenge, and it looks pretty cool too!

This was a thrift store find, and I was excited to work on it. To my surprise, there is a whole back story on the mice in this puzzle, and a series of curly piece puzzles to go with it! There are pictures of the mice on the side of the box with a small bio of each. So cute! It was such a fun puzzle to assemble because it was so different. Thankfully the pieces were all accounted for, and although the artwork is not exactly what I normally lean towards, it’s cute and makes for a good puzzle.

I started with the limes, green was the easiest color find. After twisting and turning pieces this way and that I finally wrapped my aging brain around how to work these pieces and we were off!

As you can see from the picture quite a few of the pieces were warped. I don’t know if it’s from 1) age – this puzzle is 18 years old, 2) humidity – this is Florida and if this puzzle were stored somewhere without a/c that could account for the warping, or 3) quality issues. I always try to err on the side of being positive, so I will say that I don’t know why the pieces are warped, but I would bet age and humidity have the most to do with it.

The pieces are on the thin side, not overly sturdy, and other than the warping fit together well. I’d love to be able to find a new one to compare the pieces and see if the fit is any better. The image reproduction is good, the lines aren’t always sharp but that is due to the artwork and not the reproduction; it’s an adorable image that lends itself well to puzzling. I’d love it if Ceaco could just use a cardboard that was a little thicker and sturdier. They have so many wonderful images it would be nice if the quality could improve even just a little bit.

If you are able to find any of these curly piece puzzles I would definitely recommend giving them a try! It’s an excellent workout for your brain and it’s fun too! 🙂