Not Quite In Progress

Art Nouveau Tiles by Barbara Behr – Cobble Hill – 1000 pieces

I starting sorting this one yesterday, but ended up spending the rest of the day in bed. Hopefully today will be better and I’ll finish the sorting and actually get to put pieces together. 🤞

My fellow puzzle blogger and friend from Finland/Germany (Puzzler1909) assembled this puzzle a while ago, and when I saw it I knew it would be great fun. It’s so beautiful, and absolutely my kind of image. I can’t wait to get started!

Also, happy Star Wars Day to all you fans out there – especially my two boys. 💖 May the 4th be with you!

4 thoughts on “Not Quite In Progress

  1. Diane D

    Hang in there, Stacey!
    Your blogger buddies send you love and a container of warm home-made chicken soup.

    Wow that puzzle is beautiful! Hope you are enjoying the sorting (yea right 😉
    You talked about sorting a few times in the last few posts. Got me thinking – I used to be a pre-sorter when puzzles I did had a straight edge. But then that fell away with irregular edges. Now I do turn all the pieces right-side up before starting a puzzle, but otherwise I just pull out subpiles to work on. With a 1000-piece cardboard puzzle, I spend a good deal of time just running my fingers through the pile of pieces in the box. I find the feel and sound of the pieces very pleasurable. P.A.D.S. behavior # 238 🙂

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    1. I don’t leave pieces in the box to run my fingers through, but I’m constantly running my hands across completed sections of the puzzle or just rubbing a piece while I’m holding it in my hand contemplating where it goes. The tactile element of puzzling is extremely satisfying, isn’t it?

      p.s. Thanks for the soup!


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