David Bowie in Outer Space

David Bowie in Outer Space (Where’s Bowie?) by Kev Gahan – Smith Street Gift – 500 pieces

This is another puzzle that was gifted to me and I cannot remember who gave it to me. My sincerest apologies. My brain is mush. 🤕 It was more fun than I thought it would be – normally a crowded image isn’t my pile of pieces but this one was quite enjoyable.

Smith Street Gift is a company based in Australia, and I was moderately impressed with the quality. The chipboard used was quite good, and it had very nice image reproduction. There was, unfortunately, no variety in piece shapes, and many pieces fit where they did not belong. Along the top where there is just dark sky I was unable to finish the border before I started on the interior of the puzzle because pieces seemed to fit in many places.

I’m afraid I’m not much of a Bowie fan, so I’m certain most of the “jokes” or images in this puzzle went way over my head. Still it was fun to assemble and that’s really what matters most.

It must be difficult to tell if you’re being looked at when the thing has ten eyes! It’s most certainly looking at them with at least one of them. 👁

Waldo, Wallie, and Walter perhaps? That red and white striped shirt stood out to me; of course I think that’s the point. 😉

If this is the cuisine in outer space….I’m good here. A protein pill on a bun doesn’t do much for me. Major Tom can keep all those “burgers” for himself. And maybe some for ground control.

20 thoughts on “David Bowie in Outer Space

  1. Unless the puzzle has a very limited color palette, I like two-knob-two-hole piece shapes for 500 piece puzzles. I really like this cartoon-y sci-fi image. It is an overstuffed image but I think manageable at 500 pieces, it would be a bear in a larger piece count.

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  2. I love the image! I don’t know all that many Bowie songs, but I like Life on Mars, theme song of a great British show of the same name, and I have to ask, are there some sailors fighting in a dance hall in there somewhere? If not, that’s a missed opportunity 🙂

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  3. kazzatheblankone

    omfg there’s Chris Hadfield playing Space Oddity on his guitar up the top!! (google that crap 🙂 )
    and yeah pieces that can fit where they don’t belong is a massive peeve of mine – should be outlawed!

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      1. I have no idea if I’m a Bowie fan or not. But I do know that I’m a huge fan of (retired astronaut) Chris Hadfield 😍 He did a cover of Bowie’s “Space Oddity” while he was orbiting 250 miles above the Earth in the International Space Station. I hope you’ll watch the video below. It’s beautiful and amazing and has all the feels.

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  4. Sandra

    I was never a David Bowie fan, but I loved “2001: A Space Odyssey” in 1968 when I was in high school. NASA was in a race to land a man on the moon (7/20/1969) and the year 2001 seemed like a lifetime away. Similar to guessing today what innovations will be accomplished by 2060! In case you have not seen the movie, the computers taking over the spaceship and what becomes of Major Tom is a mystery not fully resolved. So… Major Tom’s Cafe is an answer to that part of the several mysteries: he’s alive and thriving in outer space.

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