Three Puzzles in Progress

So after finishing the Hansel and Gretel puzzle yesterday I took pictures and chose my next puzzle. It will be one of three puzzles I’ve got going on at the moment…

  • On the puzzle board will be Jungle Selfies – 12 individual mini puzzles
  • In the bathroom hubby and I are working on Brian in Shipping from MicroPuzzles
  • Exclusively in bed I’ll be working on a new puzzle (new to me) called Starfish that my dad brought me yesterday.

Dad has been going through some of mom’s things, with a little help from me when I’m able. And yesterday he came across two small puzzles that I’d never seen before and he brought them over to my house. They’re extremely different, interesting, and a great idea (in my humble puzzler’s opinion).

I don’t want to go into detail about them just yet, but I’m planning on writing up a nice, long post once I finish one of them. I’m quite excited to give them a try, and am hopeful that they will be as entertaining and engaging as they look.

I’ll only be working on the new ones in certain circumstances. But for the first one, at least, it should be done relatively quickly; most likely within a week or so. It’ll be a while before the post comes up in the queue, but you’ll definitely be reading about it eventually.

Trying out new puzzles is always a little thrilling for me, it’s about the only adventure that I get these days!

7 thoughts on “Three Puzzles in Progress

  1. Liana

    Waiting on the edge of my seat! Can’t wait to hear about all of them.
    More waiting……I ordered 5 puzzles on line that the tracking said they would be here by end of day on Friday. Waited impatiently all day, then the message changed to Tuesday.

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