Happy New Year Puzzle Giveaway Winner!

The random number generator has spoken and has determined the winner of this beautiful 500 piece Wentworth wooden puzzle. Someone is going to have a wonderful time putting together this stunning piece of artwork by Ciro Marchetti.

And the winner is……..

Entry #7 – Liana

Congratulations Liana! I hope you enjoy this gorgeous puzzle as much as I did. I will be sending you an email shortly, and will hopefully get this beauty on it’s way to you very soon.

Many thanks to everyone who entered, it truly did lift my spirits to be able to do something for someone else. Putting a little bit more puzzle joy into the world is a good thing, and I am grateful that I am fortunate enough to be able to do that here every once in a while.

Thanks also to all my readers and everyone who stops by here at My Jigsaw Journal – you are always welcome and very much appreciated.

Happy puzzling! 💚🧩💚

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