Pentatonix – Unknown Manufacturer – 200 pieces

Unusually, the box for this puzzle has no brand name; I have no idea which company made this. The only information on the box is the dimensions of the puzzle and that it’s made in the USA. I checked their website and there is no other information. 🤷‍♂️

The quality of this puzzle was good/fair. The pieces were a workable thickness, the fit was nice, and the image itself was very good. Some pieces just snuggled in together instead of clicking together, which is truly a pet peeve of mine – but this is a Pentatonix puzzle, so I don’t care.

This group’s music has been one of the few things that made me happy in this past year. This puzzle cost a ridiculous amount of money for a 200 piece puzzle, since you only seem to be able to get it on their official website, but I honestly couldn’t care less. Their music lifts my spirits and makes me smile and helped keep me afloat during a really hard time.

My mom and I love a cappella music, and we used to watch The Sing Off together when it was on tv. If you’re not familiar, it was a tv show for a cappella groups (no instruments, vocals only). Pentatonix was on the third season of the show, and they were immediately both mom’s and my favorite. We’ve loved them ever since – we were Pentaholics!

During my “break” I spent more time than usual listening to music, almost exclusively Pentatonix – probably because not only are they best group I’ve ever heard and their music is amazing, but also because of the association to my mother. She adored them, and listening to them makes me feel closer to her.

I listened to every album, including all their Christmas albums no matter the season. The only reason I know many newer songs is because of this group. They cover a lot of popular music, but being an older lady I don’t really listen to new music anymore. But I do know certain songs because Pentatonix has done a cover of them – songs by BTS, Arianna Grande, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, etc. I think they’re talented beyond measure and as a bonus they also remind me of the best lady I ever knew. (If you’ve never heard their a cappella version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, do yourself a favor and check it out on YouTube, you’ll be amazed)

I’ve taken a closeup of my favorite member of the group – all of them. 💖 I’m so excited for Evergreen – their newest Christmas album which is being released today!

(Sorry, I didn’t mean to turn this into a commercial for them, but I just couldn’t help but tell you how much I love them and how much their music has meant to me, especially this past year – and big hugs to the hubby for getting me this puzzle to try and cheer me up and get me back to my puzzle board 🤟)

6 thoughts on “Pentatonix

  1. Ellen Logiudice

    I too am a fan although a minor one I guess ‘cause I’m only familiar with them from seeing them around Christmas time, Rockefeller Center tree lighting, etc. They truly are amazing. Incredible harmonies! And lots of fun!

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  2. Sandra

    Straight No Chaser is another talented a cappella group. I have only heard them play around with Christmas songs. You might have a good laugh watching them on YouTube.

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