Stacey & David

Stacey & David
Stacey & David – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 651 pieces

So here it is, my wedding picture puzzle that was my anniversary gift this year. It was fantastic, and Mr. Bob Puzzles did such a wonderful job – I absolutely adored it! It will be beautiful in my living room once hubby gets the frames built for both this one and Stacey & Ruth. I’ve added links to all the previous posts about these puzzles so you can go back if you’d like and check out how we got here.

My husband had both this and the puzzle of my mother and me commissioned because he’s one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful men I know. He knew that Mother’s Day would be difficult for me this year due to the loss of my mother, and he wanted to soften the blow. If you’re new to the blog you can read about how he got it all done here. It was such a lovely and unexpected gift. 💝

Remember my post from when I was assembling this? Can you see Batman where my hem and the train are coming down the step? I can’t see this picture now without seeing it. It makes me smile, and it will always make me smile.

I was wondering when I was sorting the pieces and saw all the whimsies why there were so many birds…

Stacey & David 1

I love the two couples and the intertwined rings – and of course our beloved Buddy. But I wasn’t sure why there were so many birds. Did hubby tell him to add those? Well, once I was nearly finished I saw it….

Stacey & David 2

How amazing is that? Mr. Bob and his team did such a beautiful job with the design of this puzzle and the whimsies. I’m actually considering displaying this one with the birds and our names removed, isn’t that an amazing image? It looks so striking and charming. Thank you to everyone at Mr. Bob puzzles, and most especially Mr. Bob himself – you all did an astounding job on this puzzle – I love it! 💖🧩💖

I adored my gorgeous one of a kind puzzle from start to finish; and many thanks again to Mr. Bob himself for suggesting that these images NOT be 1000 piece puzzles. All that carpeting, paneling, and white would have been so difficult with a higher piece count!

Hubby did a great job working with the team at Mr. Bob Puzzles, getting high resolution images of our wedding pictures, and having these beautiful puzzles made. I think I’ll keep him.

I’ve put in over 30 years work getting him whipped into shape; it would be a waste to lose all that effort. 😉

Memorial Day 2020

American Puppy by Jim Lamb

It’s Memorial Day here in the United States, a day to remember all those who gave their lives serving in our armed forces. If you live here and are of one of the younger generations, you may think from what you see on television is that Memorial Day is about mattress sales, furniture sales, and discounts on new cars. It most certainly isn’t.

It isn’t a day to say “Happy Memorial Day” either; Memorial Day is the day to remember our fallen heroes. It isn’t about fireworks, an extra day off work, or having the family over for a barbeque and pool party; it should be a day to remember and be thankful for those who gave all.

I won’t give you a big lesson on the history of Memorial Day, but I will say this…

To all of those who currently serve in our military, to those who have served, and most especially to those who gave their lives to keep our country safe and free – Thank You.


Thank You.

Archie Covers

Archie Covers
Archie Covers – Cobble Hill – 500 pieces

This puzzle was so much fun! The puzzle I put together just before this one was very muted with lots of shades of brown, and the bright colors and larger pieces made this assembly so much more entertaining.

Great Cobble Hill quality; thick, larger pieces that fit together very well with a nice variety of shapes. Excellent image reproduction!

Archie Covers 1

Of course this is my favorite panel, girls rule! I will say, however, that the teeny waist on the woman in yellow is unrealistically small. Real women who don’t wear corsets and have all their ribs do not look like that and should never be expected to look like that. I know it’s just a comic book, but still…

Archie Covers 2

I think this must be how every generation feels about the next generation’s music. Of course you always think that the music of your youth is superior, I know I do. My parents were a bit different though; they did think their music was better, but they also just loved music in general and appreciated my generation’s music as well. Mom loved Boy George! She thought his voice was beautiful and loved when his songs would come on the radio. Dad was a drummer when he was young, and he loved a good beat – no matter what the lyrics said. 🥁

Isn’t it funny how an image can trigger all sorts of different memories?

Let’s Play Football

Let's Play Football
Let’s Play Football by Linda Picken – Karmin – 550 pieces

This is another thrift store puzzle that mom bought (I still probably have a year or more of thrift store puzzles that she bought to get through). Even though Karmin quality isn’t great I did this one because she bought it – and I love dogs and dog puzzles!

As soon as I opened the box and felt the pieces I knew it wouldn’t be the best quality or assembly. The fit wasn’t great and the pieces were pretty thin, but it was a fantastically adorable image and at least all the pieces were there. And I just cannot resist doggy faces, they’re the best!

Let's Play Football 1

Happily playing tug-of-war with a scarf, so cute! I started with the scarf because they were the easiest pieces to pick out, other than the sky most of the pieces were different shades of brown. The scarf leads to two adorable, happy puppy faces – irresistable!

Let's Play Football 2

The smiling face of this dog, and the scarf makes me think of Lady from Lady and the Tramp. It looks a little like the same breed, even though I don’t think it is; it’s really the smiling face.

Let's Play Football 3

You know I can’t resist a sad puppy face either. It just makes me want to give belly rubs and pets and scratches everywhere to make this little guy/girl happy!

Even with less than premium quality, this puzzle was entertaining for me; they don’t all have to be perfect for me to enjoy them. The quality wasn’t the best, but I had a good time anyway; watching the faces come together, figuring out the best way to assemble the sky, finding those pieces of the football that I didn’t pick out the first time, etc. I needed quiet, meditative distraction and this puzzle provided it.

Perfect puppy profiles provided puzzle play, plus peaceful pondering. 🧩💗

Still Nothing…

Still nothing in progress, unfortunately. But I am determined to do some puzzling today, even if it’s only a mini puzzle.

I did start sorting a larger puzzle, but it was too dark and had too many pieces – and to be honest I just gave up. It seemed overwhelming, and it was my fault for choosing the wrong puzzle at the worst time.

Thanks to my puzzle pal Penny there are several 100 piece puzzles here to choose from, and I also have a winter/Christmas themed micro puzzle from Wentworth that is only 40 pieces.

Gotta get back on the horse! Or at least maybe a puzzle with a horse?

Hope you are all well, healthy, and working on an entertaining puzzle. 🙂