Call of the Sea In Progress

Call of the Sea IP
Call of the Sea by Josephine Wall – Anatolian – 260 pieces

I have been having some real difficultly with my meds lately, and until 11 o’clock last night hadn’t touched a new puzzle since I finished Quilts last week. It only came off the board yesterday, it had been sitting there all weekend. If you knew me you’d know that’s weird; I finish a puzzle, take my pictures, make sure they’re good, and immediately disassemble the puzzle and decide on a new one.

But thankfully I finally got myself out of bed last night when hubby was blissfully snoring and sleep eluded me. I was just going to sit in the living room and watch tv, but ended up being drawn to my puzzle board.

I chose a puzzle with fewer pieces than normal, this beautiful Josephine Wall image is only 260 pieces. It’s the best of both worlds for me; it’s a smaller piece count so that even if I have to spend much less time in my puzzle chair I can still make good progress, and it’s a Jo Wall, so it isn’t so easy as to be boring – my mind will still be active and engaged.

Working on anything fun today? I’d love to hear about it!

14 thoughts on “Call of the Sea In Progress

  1. Deb

    Ugh, not being able to sleep – the worst! Curious to see what your puzzle will look like. I just started Masterpieces Inside Out Field’s Department Store and fun is an understatement. It’s like they sliced the front of the building off and you see each department. My favorite is the toy department – tiny little dolls, etc. If you’re not familiar with the puzzle, it’s worth a Google search.
    Hoping you can catch some zzzzzz’s!

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  2. Eric

    Hi Stacey, hope you feel better. I enjoy reading your blog everyday. We’re working on a 201 piece wooden puzzle by Zen called “Sea Urchins”. It’s very pretty, the wood pieces are very well made and feel great in your hands.

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  3. Sandra

    I am working on “No. 3 Curious CupBoards” from Ravensburger. I did a similar one by them not too long ago and it was great fun to see all the little details. I got this one second hand and many of the pieces were still connected, so I disassembled them so I could fully enjoy finding all the little people and doors and staircases as well as the main cupboards. I was thinking about how you have assembled many pictures without a picture of the completed puzzle and realized I don’t think I have the talent to do it that way. You are amazing!

    I hope you overcome the medication and feel better soon! Thank you for this daily news!!!

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      1. Oh, you found one! Good, I remember you said you’d like to try one. The images are mostly “fine art”, and I love them, but there’s often a lot of background in one colour. Looks good, but difficult to puzzle.

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  4. Janet L

    Hi Stacey, I hope you feel better soon. I just finished Mudpuppy/Galison 500 Kaleido-Beetles, very colorful and fun! Next is Buffalo Games 500 Amazing Nature Pretty Birds, also bright and colorful.

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