Cheerios – White Mountain – 100 pieces

These mini puzzles are so much fun, I’m sad that they’re coming to an end. After this one there are only two left. I don’t normally buy multipack puzzles, but this one was too much fun to resist. 🥣

The quality is much better than my last multipack of 100 piece puzzles; so far all the pieces have been there and each box contains the correct image! See? It’s possible to take care with your manufacturing and quality control and do things properly. Well done White Mountain!

Cheerios isn’t a favorite, but it’s a staple when there are small children around. They’re the perfect size for little fingers to grab and eat, it’s easy to take with you, and it is relatively healthy. When I was growing up and having cereal for breakfasts, I only liked eating Cheerios if you put sugar on it. Lots of sugar.

I know not everyone has the same palate and many people don’t care for the amount of sweetness we Americans do; but I’m here to tell you that when I put sugar on my cereal, I put SUGAR on my cereal! And when you were finished and got to the end of the bowl, there was a heap of sugar on the bottom. This was only when my mom wasn’t hanging around the breakfast table of course, if she was there she didn’t allow the pouring on of great amounts of sugar. You could put a couple of spoonfuls on, and that’s it.

This was pre-Honey Nut Cheerios of course, I’m old enough to remember a time when Cheerios only came in the original flavor. Back in the olden days there was no multi-grain, blueberry, oat crunch, or honey nut flavors – just plain old Cheerios. I must really be old!

It’s a wonder my ancient fingers are still able to pick up puzzle pieces, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Cheerios

  1. Deb

    You brought back the same memory for me! The only way I could get Cheerios down was to dump on the sugar. Everytime my mom would turn around I’d hit the sugar bowl. Same thing when I made Kool-Aid. I’d add twice as much as called for. Now I eat Cheerios to (supposedly) lower cholesterol. How did I get here…
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Always fun to see what’s next on your board.

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  2. Sandra

    Wow, I had forgotten too! We put honey on cold corn flakes or rice krispies cereal, oatmeal in the winter. I think Trix was the only sweet cereal available. If we even convinced Mom to buy it with endless nagging, it only lasted for 1 morning. The rest of it was a “snack” and gone by bedtime by we 3 girls. LOL

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  3. Penny Weiss

    Cheerios was my favorite. And when honey nut came out — oh boy oh boy! It is still probably my favorite flavor of cereal even now my mom never let me have any good cereals growing up. It was always plain cheerios, plain rice krispies or corn flakes, grapenuts, or plain wheat chex. Nothing with any sugar in the first 4 or 5 ingredients list thats for sure.

    And I had to beg for quite some time to even be allowed to get honey nut cheerios. I finally won that battle but it wasnt easy! LOL

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    1. Looks like I stirred up old memories for a lot of us. I always wanted mom to buy Honeycomb cereal, though she almost never did. If it wasn’t on sale and she didn’t have a coupon we weren’t getting it.

      I do enjoy honey nut Cheerios too, it’s much better than the regular kind, IMHO. 🙂


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