Trix – White Mountain – 100 pieces

This little cutie was a quick assembly that was pretty entertaining. These little cereal boxes are even more fun than I thought they’d be, and I thought they were going to be pretty darn fun!

It’s always nice to have a mini puzzle as a palate cleanser in between larger puzzles; sometimes a 300 piece will do, but sometimes an even smaller one is just what the doctor ordered when I’m not feeling well. If only there were more 100 or 200 piece puzzles with more grownup images out there for us to choose from.

I’m putting these together in reverse order of how much I like the cereal. I’m not really a fan of fruity tasting cereals (other than Cap’n Crunch’s Crunchberries), so that’s why this one is near the bottom of the list. Trix was the second of the six mini puzzles from this set put together so far, and I’m completely happy with both the images and the quality.

🥣 + 🧩 = 😍

4 thoughts on “Trix

      1. Same here, that’s why it was always such a treat for us. When we did get some, my sisters and I each got to pick one box, and we made sure we all picked different ones for us to try. More bang for the buck, and we got to sample most of them at some point or another. 😉

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