Rainy Day Sketch In Progress

Rainy Day Sketch IP
Rainy Day Sketch by Tricia Reilly-Matthews – Sunsout – 500 pieces

I just started working on this puzzle early this morning – up at 4 am – yay. I finished my Stacey & Ruth puzzle yesterday, and picked this one out, but didn’t touch it at all until this morning.

Picking out puzzles is sometimes a bit crazy for me. I seem to forget the previous negative experiences I’ve had with a certain brand unless they were over the top terrible, and I want to think that this next time is going to be amazing (a bit like having kids 😉 ). Sunsout has provided me with some amazing puzzling experiences, and some that weren’t so great. When I see an image I really like from a certain brand it overrides the negative and I only seem to remember the good ones.

I found two really adorable Sunsout puzzles on my last shopping trip before we were all told to stay home and socially isolate ourselves. My desire for a few new puzzles and the cute images on the boxes completely wiped out most of the negative Sunsout experiences I’ve had previously. Needless to say, I bought two new puzzles from this brand; now that I’ve started working with this one I remember why this isn’t a brand I usually purchase. 😐

The fit isn’t great, and even though I’m not even a third of the way through this puzzle there have been many, many pieces that seem to fit where they do not belong, and when they do fit it feels “mushy”. You can’t really be certain you’ve got it right unless or until it connects to other pieces around it. I. Am. Not. A. Fan. Of. This.

Oh well. Lesson learned. For now.

8 thoughts on “Rainy Day Sketch In Progress

  1. Deb

    I totally agree with you – nothing more frustrating. It looks like it lines up perfectly with fit and image so you continue on and eventually it catches up with you. My other issue is when you have just 4-5 pieces together and you want to pick it up to move to your work board and it all crumbles. Sometimes I end up moving them with a metal spatula.
    You were a busy bee so early this morning!

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  2. sandraadam@comcast.net

    I had the Sunsout puzzle “Shakespearean Fantasy” that has the same problem. I don’t give up easily, but I didn’t finish this one. The border was 1-3 pieces deep of solid black with about 5 border pieces that had a bit of the central picture. I did all of the center and every time I reached the border, it would not fit! In order to continue, I had to open the border to shift the border so the few pieces with the picture fit in place. I did that in at least 5 places and since I couldn’t see any mistake, I realized it was going to be very difficult to correct the black area. I gave up and removed it from the rotation of puzzles I share with friends! It looks like you have gotten past the all-one-color border across the bottom. Good luck!

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