My Darlin’ Daughter

My sweet darlin’ daughter took it upon herself to be the Valentine’s fairy this year and put together gift bags for the entire family – I raised a fantastic girl who grew up to be the most amazing, selfless, thoughtful woman I know. The whole family is doing their best to get through all the “firsts” after losing a loved one, and she decided to try and make our first Valentine’s Day without her beloved grandmother a good one for us all. I’m so proud of her and how she truly wants to take care of us all. 💝

She did a great job, and of course she went a little overboard and for my present I received the most adorable wooden puzzle from Artifact! How sweet is my girl? So sweet!


This puzzle is just the cutest! The artwork is by Randal Spangler, and I don’t think I’ve assembled any other puzzles with his artwork before. I don’t know where he’s been hiding, but I adore the look of this one and hopefully I’ll be able to find more puzzles with his images on them. 🙂

I’ve only just started working on it, and have already succumbed to my OCD; the pieces are all laid out on the board in very orderly rows. I started with the pieces just all over the board willy nilly, but my brain can’t function well with things in such disarray. And there’s something very soothing about getting all the pieces lined up neatly, I can’t really explain it. My hunch is that many of us who love jigsaw puzzles have a little bit of the OCD, and putting things right by getting the picture put back together gives us immense satisfaction.

The pieces are very squared off and geometrical looking, but that doesn’t mean it’s overly easy, because it most definitely hasn’t been so far.

Catastrophe IP

I love the interesting cut and the squared off connectors, and I’m looking forward to seeing the completed puzzle – it’s so adorable! It shouldn’t take too long, the puzzle is only 182 pieces so it should be completed today if all goes well.

Thank you to my darlin’ sweet baby girl for the amazing gift, I love it – but I love you more! 💗

8 thoughts on “My Darlin’ Daughter

  1. I’ve seen a puzzle from the Vermont Puzzle Company with adorable dragons doing some cooking, I’m pretty sure it’s the same artist! Shipping to Europe would have been insanely expensive, though, but I hope I get to do one of these some day. Excellent choice by your daughter 🙂

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  2. Anonymous

    Yes the Vermont Christmas Company has several puzzles by Randall Spangler, some featuring his “draglings” others featuring cats and maybe dogs too.

    Unless the VCC website has been udpated you are going to have to browse the entire catalog as when you search for the artists’s name it either doesn’t bring anything up or it doesn’t bring up all the puzzles images that VCC has by Randall Spangler.

    Randall Spangler has his own website too

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  3. Sandra

    I started using computers before there was a “personal” computer and I love the message on this computer screen coupled with the falling glass of water! And the computer bugs are precious because they are computer chips brought to life!!! I will have to look up Randal Spangler. What a perfect Valentine’s Day present!

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