True Love

True Love
True Love by Myrna – Sure-Lox – 500 pieces

This puzzle is just too, too adorable. It’s a little bit odd though, did you notice the owl in the window? It took me a while to see it at first, in fact the only reason I noticed it was that I was trying to figure out where an eye went! And if this tableau is about the True Love our pets give us, tell me, who has a deer as a pet? That’s just a little weird.  Cute, but weird.

True Love 1

French bulldogs are my absolute favorite breed, how adorable is this little one? I just want to cuddle with him/her for hours and hours!

True Love 2

There’s something about that sad face underneath the shower cap, I can’t really explain it – it just makes me laugh.

I’m off to have a painful wisdom tooth removed this morning, so I’ll probably be loopy and in bed all day, with no puzzling going on at all. Please put a few puzzle pieces together for me today, I won’t be able to. 🧩

8 thoughts on “True Love

  1. rleedee

    Stacey – before even reading your post I had the exact same reaction to the collection of animals in the image. How does a deer fit in with cats and dogs? Why an owl? Sort of strange.

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