Art City In Progress

Art City IP

After sitting on my board unsorted for two days, I finally got going on Art City, a 1001 piece wooden puzzle from Mr. Bob Puzzles in Australia.

The colors are beautiful, and most of the pieces have a straight or almost straight edge, so the assembly isn’t as easy as it looks. This is a large puzzle, approximately 19 x 31 inches, so the start I have here isn’t very much of the image at all, there’s a lot more to go!

This puzzle has a lot of great whimsies, and they are all roaring 20’s, jazz, and art deco inspired. I love them all, and there are several words mixed in with the whimsies that are lots of fun; my favorite of course is my name…

Art City IP 1

If only I had thought to ask for “My Jigsaw Journal” spelled out in pieces, that would be amazing! Maybe on the next puzzle…. 😁

To be honest, the first day I poured the pieces onto the board the sheer number of pieces and the large pile it made completely overwhelmed me. I put the whimsies on trays, but stopped there and did nothing on it the rest of the day, and didn’t even go in the puzzle room the day after that. I wish I could say my anxiety was under control, but it isn’t, and even though puzzling helps me deal with anxiety and reduce stress, it’s only once I’m actually working on the puzzle that this holds true. Before I start the actual assembly there are many, many pieces to turn over and lay out, and that’s where the anxiety comes in. I’m doing my best, and I have medication, but I still get stressed when I see a huge box or pile of pieces. Anxiety sucks.

5 thoughts on “Art City In Progress

  1. Penny Weiss

    Most definitely! I am lucky in that I have never had that issue, but it kills me that my almost 10 year old son does. I pray it will not be his entire life that he struggles with it, but the thought of putting him on an anti-anxiety medication at his age is even far more unappealing. We will not do it. But he certainly does suffer at times. He has gotten a little bit better as he has matured so praying it will subside even more with age and maturity.

    So, in a way, I feel your pain. Interesting that this 1000 piece would make you feel more anxiety than the previous 1000 piece ones u have completed recently.

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